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Courtesy of planning staff, here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Bacchanal! A Monday night concert in Lerner! A not-free luau! Exciting…?

BacchanALIENS 2008

Keep an eye out for free BacchanALIENS t-shirts and giveaways!

Wed. April 9:

Comedy Show (Ardie Fuqua w/ Fruit Paunch)

9-10:30pm, Davis Auditorium (Shapiro)

*Pick up FREE tickets at the Lerner Box Office*

Thurs. April 10:

Dinner & Space Comedy

6:30-8:30pm, Lerner Party Space


9pm, College Walk

Sat. April 12:

Relay for Life                               

12pm-3am, All over campus 

Sun. April 13:

Bagels and Bocce Ball                         

11am-2pm, Butler Plaza

Sun. April 20:

Planet Earth Screening             

8-10:30pm, Low Library Steps 

Mon. April 21:

SPRING CONCERT: Grizzly Bear & The National               

8pm (doors) & 9pm (start), Roone Arledge             

*Reserve FREE tickets at the Lerner Box Office*

Sat. April 26:

Malama Hawaii Luau                           

4-7pm, Math Lawn

*$5 Admission with CUID (includes food)*

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  1. Robert

    When can free tickets be reserved to the spring concert?

  2. free  

    when can i get a free bacchan-ALIENS t-shirt. i need to know so i can keep an eye out.

  3. free  

    when can i get a free bacchan-ALIENS t-shirt. i need to know so i can keep an eye out.

  4. Question  

    Concert is free now?

  5. whoever  

    organized all this stuff is the sexiest person alive.

  6. what is  

    bagels and bocce ball? sounds like a combination of bagels and bocce ball. is this correct?

    i love me some old italian men playing bocce: http://images.townnews.com/thesouthern.com/content/articles/2007/11/15/local/22185600.jpg

  7. okay so  

    capture the flag + glow-in-the-dark paint attacks!

    verry cooool.

  8. I am  

    the organizer. And the free tickets will hopefully be available Weds - if not then, very soon after

  9. Planet Earth  

    Who decides which Planet Earths will be shown? This is very important. Can we vote on it somehow?

  10. yeah  

    cuebs (Columbia university environmental biology society) is cosponsporing it.

  11. Robert

    Will Bacchanal update their website? It's awesome that Bwog's been posting everything, but there's really no other way to find any of this out.

  12. I support  

    the organizer. I think the entire board of Bacchanal has been pretty damn sexy this year.

  13. Holy crap  

    I can't believe Columbia got MIA, Girl Talk, AND Vampire Weekend to play Bacchanal. This is gonna be awesome!

  14. law student  

    Is the concert open to students at the law school too? If so, bomb. If not, boo.

  15. Not legit  

    It's not a bacchanal without copious amounts of alcohol.

  16. Any idea  

    if the paint wars will be back?

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