1st Annual FREE Ben & Jerry’s Tasting

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A reminder to ice cream-enthusiasts that today (until 2:30 PM) CU Snacks is holding a free Ben & Jerry’s tasting on the first floor of Lerner. “We are *literally* handing out 42 pints of Ben & Jerry‘s, hoping only that you’ll help finish it before it melts,” the email reads. Emphasis theirs, excitement everyone’s. 

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  1. um disapointed....  

    unfortunately they are NOT literally handing out 42 pints of Ben & Jerry's. Instead they are scooping a couple of spoons into a cup :(

  2. you can

    get a few scoops each. I had probably a third of a pint. Way to go cusnacks!

  3. Oh man  

    I just had my lunch there. It was epic.

  4. i want some  

    I hear they are hiring a new CU Snacks manager. I propose they do this every semester!

  5. when  

    's free scoop day?

  6. cusnacks

    is the shit. Mostly because gene and matty k are super hot. It is beautiful when those beautiful
    men bring you a beautiful smoothie. Also, they had some really funny flyers a couple years back.

  7. anon  

    CU Snacks was started by Rachel Fried, the devil's answer to Jesus. Boycott it for this reason.

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