EyePoke: Culture Clash Edition

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Once again, Columbia monolith vs. Manhattanville individuals: this time, in photos

Eye E-I-C overtaken by hostile mononucleosis culture

Hungry Jewish students float in an ocean of improperly slaughtered meats

At the confluence of storytelling, Africa, rap, and outrage, there lies spoken word

No conflict here: bhangra seduces us all

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  1. what do you

    call someone who's always making religious wars?

    a clash-hole!

  2. reuse, recycle  

    How many times can Spec reuse that photo of Harlem? Seriously, it was taken two years ago...

  3. Lawyer  

    You can't claim a registered trademark without actually registering a trademark. Not that anyone else is going to start a blog called bwog.

  4. Smith-Neusner

    It seems quite ironic that the writer on kashrut uses pharisaically in reference to the New Testament while adhering to their very rules.

  5. does anyone  

    know why i cant hear music on any of the computers in butler?? my headphones worked there like a week ago and they work w/ my ipod.... i've tried a few different sites and even though it appear to be playing, no sound!

    • im an idiot  

      so i tried to change the settings via control panel, but couldnt find volume. it was on the desktop, i guess the new default is set to "mute all"... you can delete this

  6. bullshit  

    stop whining about mono. People have real diseases.

  7. The King of Spain  

    Classic Manhattanville apologetics for those who feel both that their gas stations have a right to exist and those who feel that their bosses have betrayed them. Every week my compassion turns to pity.

  8. re: ms. perez  

    joanna perez-
    "you'll have to live in the streets"?
    it's called moving. i mean i would love to live in the west village, but its getting too expensive so ill have to live in another neighborhood.
    are we supposed to feel for these people? if anything, it makes me feel less empathy towards them because their comments are simply ridiculous.

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