The 2008 Housing Lottery: LiveBwogging Your Best Mistake Ever!

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The day of reckoning has arrived, and Bwog will be stationed on a beanbag chair in John Jay, livebwogging your fate. Check back to this post throughout the day today, with frequent updates of what suites are still in your grasp. 

11:04 AM:


Tensions are running high in the John Jay lounge this morning, and the Metallica (?) on the boombox isn’t helping matters, although the soda in the well-stocked refrigerator seems to be. “Hand me an iced tea,” a girl in a summery skirt demanded of her (almost) suite mate. “I need one.” Don’t we all?

(The number under the flash is a “2”.)

12:35 PM:

For some reason unbeknown to Bwog, housing is choosing to update the whiteboard in frustratingly infrequent intervals. (Ignore the 10:51 timestamp in the photo below).

12:41 PM:

Housing came over an annouced to Spec and Bwog (whom they referred to as “that Barnard paper”) that they’re doing a count right now and the board will be updating again in a few minutes. Stand by.

Now Playing: Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Proud Mary”

12:49 PM:

Suite selection comes to a momentary halt. A housing staffer walks over the the reporters lounge/soda bar in the corner to frown at a two-legged table. The third leg is about three feet away. “What happened to that table?” Bwog asked, guessing that some unlucky group destroyed the table in a fit of rage. “Oh, there are Legos in the legs. I guess someone wanted to build a monster.” And lo and behold, inside the legs of the table Legos. And beside the table, a monster.

Also, suite selection is on pause until 1:30 PM.

Now Playing: Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Susie-Q”

12:59 PM:

All the EC townhouses that face Morningside are gone. All the 6-person high-rises are gone. There are a few SIPA-facing townhouses left.

1:02 PM:

The board was just updated! As housing is on pause, this is the most current information:


 1:25 PM:

Selection has yet to start back up again and ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” is playing on repeat.  “This is just what we need!” exclaims one housing employee who’s clearly tired of dealing with stressed out students.  There’s a lot of sugar consumption in this room to keep spirits high.  Bwog awaits the sugar come down.


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  1. Watt 1-BR  

    Aren't Watt one-bedroom doubles in Suite Selection too? If not, why the hell not? My suite selection calculus were reliant on them existing!

  2. anon  

    im posting this here, it's already on the housing board, but if its true its a bunch of bullshit and someone's going to get screwed cause of it:

    "If the following *hypothetical* situation were actually true, would anyone question its justification??

    A girl forgets to register by the deadline because she was planning to live off campus. This girl also wants to bring her dog to live in her dormroom next year. She gets a psychologist to sign a note that declares she is mentally unstable and needs this dog to live with her, and housing agrees to this exception. The day before suite selection she joins a 5-person group, which then becomes a 6-person group, and they are put into suite housing before the first senior 6-person groups even select.

    So thereby breaking 3 rules: the dog in a no-dog dorm, changing group size WELL after the cut-off date, and selecting a suite before the selection process even begins.

    I'm not suggesting any names, but IF this *hypothetical* situation were true, wouldn't it undermine many of the principles of fairness, not to mention the entire lottery system, that the Columbia University undergrads have agreed to throughout this housing process. Some people I know have received terrible lottery numbers and are resigned to living in much less than ideal housing, while some privileged individuals manage to manipulate the system. Crying shame."

  3. Confirmed  

    On Housing: Suite Selection
    There are 12 1-bedroom watt doubles in suite selection. Somebody tell them to put them up there please!

  4. Question  

    What is the 6Hdcl (????) 7 field underneath EC-X? Are there other kinds of EC-X suites other than the standard 5-person 3 singles and 1 double?

  5. anon  

    It's unclear why they chose to list the 6 person 4 single/1 double configuration under ECX but as far as I know those are in the regular lottery, you didn't need to check ECX or anything like that to get access to those suites, you only needed to have a group of 6.

  6. annoyed  


    its been 1 hour. Whats going on? this is not meeting my needs...

  7. hah  

    yea bwog you gotta update like every 15 min. :)

  8. dear bwog  

    another update please

  9. Well

    sucks for the first group of 6 who don't get a suite.

  10. !!!!!!!

    80 minutes since last update. Don't promise when you won't deliver BWOG...

  11. wha?  

    why are there so many ECX suites gone? Theoretically only 5 ECX groups have chosen.
    Are the rest special interest housing? Are other 5 person groups choosing them?

  12. doh  

    these motherfuckers need to update that list

  13. oh yeah!  

    nailed that 5 single ec high rise.

  14. annoyed  

    ok as the responses are a lot quicker than bwog him/herself, can anyone tell me how many 5 person suites are left?

  15. cupcake  

    thanks for the update

  16. hey bwog  

    can you start posting these updates in separate posts? I love them but they're too much to scroll through.

  17. annoyed  

    instead of just repeating the housing billboard, cant you do some of your own reporting to give us information?

  18. rugg  

    i thought one of the ruggles 8 person suites was being held out... guess not

  19. seriously  

    weak sauce, bwog, weak sauce.

  20. People  

    chill. Housing is not updating this white board very often. I was just there. It is really annoying because you don't even know what is left until you go back into the picking pen area. There is no way bwog can update when they aren't being given the info.

  21. they could  

    do some reporting and ask people who just finished up what the status is.

  22. just saw this gem  

    on the housing bulletin board.
    "If anybody is interested in swapping an EC 2-person flat for a Watt 2-bedroom suite, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] with your room number. The suite in question is Watt 1F. Thanks!"

  23. Anonymous  

    nice job bowg, does anyone know how many suites of each type are usually taken during senior regroup?, Is there a lot of regrouping or do groups just find nice singles?

  24. diggly  

    diggly diggly diggle

  25. figgly

    figgly figgly figgle

  26. oh god oh god

    This is stressing me out.

  27. update!!!

    hurry up and update!!!

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