A New Pertutti For A New World

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  Tipster Thomas Chau wrote in to give Bwog more information on the state of Pertutti, which has had its windows plastered over with paper for quite awhile now. When we last discussed Pertutti, shortly after its closure, we knew that it would be a trattoria owned by the proprietors of Nonna, a dubiously-reviewed Upper West Side Italian restaurant. Thomas informs us that the new name will be “Campo”, and that they’ll be serving food until 2 AM and drinks until 4. He cited prices of “around $10 for a pizza and $15-$20 for entrees.” Oh, well.

Bwog will be following up with the owners to learn more. Photos after the jump.


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  1. we'll see  

    how the food is, too expensive to become a columbia area staple...but another bar is always good especially after last year's closings.

  2. vvvvv  

    is there some stipulation in the lease for that site that meat must be hung from the ceiling?

  3. is it meat?  

    looks like garlic and peppers to me. maybe a sausage or two, but not a side of beef. that shit is all preserved.

  4. Fuckers  

    $15 for an entree as your starting price? We don't need another CF&J

  5. oh well  

    when is it slated to open?

  6. i have to say  

    i went to nonna's last week and the food was excellent. i introduced myself to the manager of the new place and he seems really nice - they should be slated to open this week i think. for good italian food, the price range really isn't too bad.

  7. why  

    would you introduce yourself to the manager of a restaurant you're eating at?

  8. Sounds  

    like more of the same.

  9. random  

    What are the prices for drinks and all that good stuff?

  10. lkrd  

    ...but YOU said you introduced yourself. That doesn't sound like the manager working the room. Why would you go up to him like that?

  11. eww  

    if people don't like community food and juice, they really need to stop going there. the place is packed--probably cuz everything's expensive.

  12. Per tutti

    Just desserts for those of you who claimed that Pertutti was expensive and cheered its demise. You can savor the thought while gulping down a $15 scoop of Tiramisu.

  13. daslkdsa

    Do you think they'll deliver? And when are they planning to open?

  14. tchau  

    the manager said that it will open this coming Thursday

  15. puuuh

    writing from rome: trust no place named campo

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