Housing Updates: Underclassmen Have to Live Somewhere

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Update 1:32 PM: As prospective first-years have long, overwrought conversations about the Core at Low Steps, a spectacle proceeds, ignorant to them, in John Jay Lounge, one that will shake the very bedrock of the school — Day Three of suite selection. Plus the board hasn’t been updated in, like, half an hour. Here’s what’s left for the underclassmen:

Old updates after the jump.

Bwog’s computer is being a bit fussy, so excuse the lack of white-board portraiture. However, the following suites remain:


A, B, C: 0

D: 6

E, F: 0

G: 6

H: 0

I: 0

J, K, L: 0


2 BR: 0

1 BR: 1

Studio Double: 33


ECX: 0

Double (6th Floor): 5

47 Claremont:

3: 2

4: 0

5: 1

6: 1

7: 10


4: 0

8: 11

6: 1



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  1. Anonymous  

    The housing gods smiled down upon me, I got my suite todayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey bwog  

    theres music and food in lerner. well, the food's mostly gone. know just four old people playing lounge music. you gotta report on that yo!

  3. question  

    1. How far are they into the Juniors? Like what was the latest number to pick their suite?

    2. How many people are dropping into general selection?

  4. non yo bzns  

    uh, you can answer both of those questions yourself.
    1) look at the fricken schedule of appointment times.
    2) see which suites are taken and add up the spots.

  5. BWOG  

    BWOG - where me numbers of suites left!!!

  6. pregunta  

    wheres the update

  7. ????  

    why aren't broadway/schapiro doubles up?

  8. failed suite  

    does anyone know what happens if you go in for a suite and you don't get it. I am a junior going in for a suite with another junior, senior, and a couple of sophomores. once we drop down to general selection, will i have the same lottery time as the other junior, since we have the same point value and lottery number? will we be able to sign up for a double together if that's the case?


    Bwog deleted a comment recommending the Commentariat on the CCSC post, and a comment regarding the Spec's The Shaft blog (#8) over here.

    Bwog is probably going to delete this comment too, so if you see it, please spread the word with your own comment.


    If you don't want people plugging other blogs, have better coverage! Yesterday's housing lottery coverage was just incomplete.

    btw: I am not affiliated with Commentariat, Bwog, or Spec

    • I think  

      I think it's ridiculous too. Bwoggers claim that they are just enforcing the policy to not advertise on the site, but a link to spec or a spec blog is much more likely to be deleted than something from youtube or nytimes or gawker, and usually in circumstances in which bwog hasn't given the same sort of coverage as spec has. It makes sense that bwog and spec would have different coverage of things. Bwog has around 20 staffers and Spec has probably 10x that. I think bwog shouldn't shy away from it's lesser manpower- both sites are useful for different things and this whole "direct competition" thing between bwog and spec is just plain immature. And while the editor of commentariat often posts links advertising his site, in some cases it is interesting to take a look at things like the shaft, which has several people working on it. Maybe a head-nod from bwog every once in a while wouldn't be such a bad thing?

      • yes  

        especially given the fact that Bwog posts links to Spec daily anyway (through QuickSpec). prioritize dissemination of vital information to Columbia students over asinine inter-publication rivalry! no Columbia publication is important enough to warrant such behavior from its board/editors. (plus there's no money involved, fools. deleting such comments and getting called out just makes Bwog look petty)

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