Barnard Celebrates its Spirit Day with Fireworks at The Vag

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Today is BC Spirit Day, and this afternoon, over what was reportedly a less-than-enthralling fireworks display, Barnard announced the new name of the Nexus, its new ominous-sounding student center. The Nexus’ new moniker? The Vagelos Center—the name was kindly spelled out in fireworks for all to see.

“We’re going to go to THE VAG,” said one exasperated Barnard sophomore.  

UPDATE: Today’s ceremony featured the word “Vagelos” spelled with fireworks, sending mixed feelings of anger and bemusement throughout the Barnard crowd. According to an official Barnard source, the fireworks honored the family of Diana Vagelos, who has been the project’s largest donor. Barnard has also previously stated that the namesake of the building will come from its major donor—hence the natural assumption that the fireworks spoke to both donor and new name. However, as of yet, it’s not been set in stone. (Pun intended.)

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  1. WTFOMGZ  

    i love THE VAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. oh and btw  

    re: the fireworks display

    i was completely and utterly enthralled.

  3. I see  

    I thought that was like automatic weapons firing or something. Jesus.

    Also, did they really name it the Vagelos Center? Jesus, they had to know what that would lead to.

  4. Heh  

    This is simply too good... YES! Yes to The Vag!

  5. MAN  

    I didn't get into Barnard, but I will be the first to enter the Vag

  6. UGH  

    i'm transferring.

  7. News  

    There will be a library devoted to Kant in the Vag


    that is too amazing! Thank you Barnard for giving us the VAG!!!

  9. Why??  

    Oh, you enter the Vag through those wide double doors.

    I lost my pen in the Vag.

    Why are all those boys going into the Vag?

  10. Do you need  

    a CUID to get into the VAG? or can anyone enter?

  11. The King of Spain  

    The Vag does have severe camel toe in that picture there.

  12. Shaking head....  

    And the fod court in the Vag will be called Va-John-Jay....
    This must be some horrible pun by someone with too much money.

  13. seriously now  

    let's get something straight:

    the name of the DONOR is diana vagelos. they HAVE NOT named the building yet.

    i refuse to let it be called "the vag". if we get a say in it, i vote "the diana".

  14. My high school  

    had the following buildings

    The Wood building

    The SAC (Shimada athletic center)

    The Fannie Cox Center for S&M (science and math)

  15. ha ha ha  

    this has to be a joke; it's too perfect.

  16. Jack  

    How many fing-er, people, can the Vag fit? Is it structurally sound? Prone to leaking? Nasty smells emitting from the area? Tight spaces or very spaced, tight territory?

    I'm no architect, but I have questions.

  17. I wonder...  

    T'what do we owe the name Vag? Did someone Snatch up all the better names?

  18. Fireworks?  

    I guess it was a Vagsplosion.

  19. BC:  

    ITS THE DIANA!!!!!!!

  20. Vanessa

    I heard there's going to be lots of carpet at this place.

  21. Any VA students?  

    This is the logical continuation of Diane's Vagina.

    Diane's Vagina can sneeze with its eyes open.

  22. barnard women

    The Vag, with its steel frame and glass walls, is strong and beautiful

  23. Tobias Funke:  


  24. cc09  

    its not like i dont go into barnards vag every weekend already

  25. 33 Soul  

    Don't put too much pressure on the Vag guys, you don't wanna rub it the wrong way.

  26. dude  

    seriously, barnard? april fools was 2 weeks ago

  27. vagaries  

    will the carpets match the shades?

  28. Vag  

    Right now the Vag is just a hollowed out orifice in Barnard's campus. Soon, it will be an edifice.

  29. Vagtastic voyage

    oh man, what's the vag going to look like in 50 years?

    how many janitors to clean out this vag?

  30. vag  

    i really have not laughed this hard in a long time!

    i'm a little disappointed, though. new york magazine had been reporting in september that Victoria's Secret had the #1 bid on the name for the Nexus.

    but then again, the VAG is a WAY better name than the Victoria Secret Student Center. each have their own fabulous ironic twists, but i'm a fan of the vag...

  31. V-day  

    Bet none of y'all have ever seen a vag this big!

  32. vagabond

    i thought that place smelled like fish

  33. tour guide  

    "...and if you step through those labia, er, i mean doors, right there, you'll see the..."

  34. cokboi

    It's awfully dry in the vag

    i'm for sure bringing my grandma to the vag

  35. do you think  

    we can expect a bit of the in out in the vag? maybe followed by some ludwig van?

  36. nutter

    there's a tasti-d-lite in the vag

  37. owned  

    At least now there won't be anymore disputes about the biggest vag at barnard.

  38. just  

    a few questions:

    1. will they have monthly cleanings of the Vag?

    2. will there be like a landing strip leading up to the Vag?

    3. are they only letting women into the Vag, or can men enter as well? Is there a requirement on size?

  39. shit  

    is this really true? I don't know what else to say

  40. concerned student

    wait... did anyone notice that vagelos sounds like vagina

  41. M arcus  

    If one goes from the Heyman Center to the Vag, one must be sure to wear protection.

  42. 'narded

    "i am going to be the iron chef of pounding vag." - superbad.

  43. you know  

    Now we have options... We can either do it in the Vag or do it in the But.

  44. Jip  

    Wait, I just google this, and apparently the Vagelos Center already exists...it's an alumnae center @ Barnard. Sadly, the Bwog might be wrong on this reporting...

  45. eventually

    once its complete, youll be able to enter milbank either through the Vag, or slip in the back door

  46. meh  

    you are all putting this vag on a pedestal.

  47. my question  

    is why someone who's probably been mistakenly called Vagina her whole life would want a building named after her.

    At the least, I hope it's not overrun with douche bags.

  48. oh no...  

    damn. and here i was thinking i was going to get a leg up on the Vag...

    Bwog goes and takes the carpet right out from under me...

    I feel queef coming on.

  49. come on people

    Come on people, do your research. Let's set the record straight:

    The name of the DONOR is Vagelos, but the administration has made it very clear that the center itself HAS NOT been named yet.

    They understand what the implications of naming it the "Vagelos Center" would be, and are trying to come up with a suitable and appropriate name.

  50. there is

    already a building on campus called the Vagelos Alumnae Center, so they are trying to figure out a different name for the Nexus.

  51. lolz.  

    this is just too great...

  52. FYI  

    There used to be a college in PA called Beaver College...They later changed the name to Arcadia University

  53. Barnard Senior  

    I'm proud of our Vag =)

  54. red

    That was a very stupid display. Fireworks should be set at night, not in the middle of the day like demolition explosives.

  55. There  

    will be a green space on the roof. The question is, will the lawn be neatly manicured, or will they put bushes?

  56. hmm  


    (get your permanent markers ready!)

  57. dear bwog  

    please summarily delete all references like the above


  58. wait,  

    i don't get the pun.

  59. i mean  

    the "set in stone" pun. i get the vag thing, obvi.

  60. oh wait  

    yeah i get it. that's not funny. i was hoping for a pun that related to vaginas. because, you know, vaginas are funny.

  61. shit  

    I just read a story about vaginas for class.

  62. are they

    going to paint the walls red for a week every month?

  63. booyah  

    i'm going to go leave a rooster in the vagelos center, and a bag of peanuts in butler.

    cock in the vag, nuts in the but

  64. think about it  

    It may be true that the building isn't officially named, but it might as well be at this point. I mean cummon. They set the name Vagelos on fire with pyrotechnics. Seriously? Seriously...

    And, why didn't Judy mention the fact that the building hadn't been named yet in her remarks? It certainly would have saved me walking away in utter disbelief/hysterical laughter...

    vag or but vag or but... decisions decisions...

  65. why are  

    school houses red?

    you would be too if you had nine periods a day!

  66. someone

    better buy me a kevlar vest.
    you should always wear protection when entering the Vag.

  67. XJE  

    Talk about life imitating art. The BC administration is lifting a concept that CUMB outlined in the Orgo Night script of May 2007.

    [third main joke, immediately below "She Blinded Me With Science]


  68. every  

    now and again christmas comes in a mid-april to a jew as it has today.

    praise the lord for the vag - i love you barnard.

  69. 12312312311  

    Lerner is "Alfred Lerner Hall."

    Vag Hall?

  70. Sprinkles

    I love this.

    Thought "The Temple of Artemis" could be a way for Barnard to save face.

  71. one more

    Any truth to the rumor that a new International Undergraduates Division will be located deep inside the new building?

  72. hmm  

    I heard they're building a new lounge for graduate students called the "G-Spot" but it's gonna be really hard to find.



    barnard is such a joke!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. yyyYESssss  

    I was so concerned they were just going to name it 'The Nexus'.

  75. Architect  

    This building has some problems and might sag with age and use

  76. vag  

    you're a tool. barnard is such a better school than columbia and you're just jealous you couldn't get in. and consequently, you'll never get into the vag.

    • really?  

      how can you say that barnard is a better school than columbia with a straight face? have you taken a class there?

      • yes.  

        plenty of people have taken classes on both sides of the street. in my experience, and many others, I have had multiple amazing educational experiences and classes at Barnard. Columbia has been just okay. How many Barnard classes have you taken?

  77. Anonymous  

    Can we all please be respectful of the fact that this couple just donated $15 to our school, in hopes that this building would improve our experiences here? We should be thanking this family, not making fun of their last name.

  78. annoyed

    This is the most immature article I've ever read. I can't believe there are so many students who think making fun of someone's name is amusing.

  79. 333333300  

    Will CU ugrads have access to this building?

  80. from wikipedia  

    Pindaros Roy Vagelos better known as P. Roy Vagelos or Roy Vagelos (born 1929 in Westfield, New Jersey) was president and chief executive officer (1985) and chairman (1986) of Merck

  81. Femnst Arch. Student  

    Too Many Buildings Look Like the Penises. VIVA LA VAG

  82. Anonymous

    i go to barnard and i think this is hilarious. i'm just saying...

  83. 08 grad

    So, I know this is a bit delayed ... but I was on campus recently and was thus reminded of the Vag.


    To my fellow alumnae and all the classes below us, keep the Vag alive and healthy.

    For those of you other Barnard girls with your heads up your vags, give it a rest!! Stop taking yourselves so goddamn seriously.

    Viva la Vag.

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