Today is BC Spirit Day, and this afternoon, over what was reportedly a less-than-enthralling fireworks display, Barnard announced the new name of the Nexus, its new ominous-sounding student center. The Nexus’ new moniker? The Vagelos Center—the name was kindly spelled out in fireworks for all to see.

“We’re going to go to THE VAG,” said one exasperated Barnard sophomore.  

UPDATE: Today’s ceremony featured the word “Vagelos” spelled with fireworks, sending mixed feelings of anger and bemusement throughout the Barnard crowd. According to an official Barnard source, the fireworks honored the family of Diana Vagelos, who has been the project’s largest donor. Barnard has also previously stated that the namesake of the building will come from its major donor—hence the natural assumption that the fireworks spoke to both donor and new name. However, as of yet, it’s not been set in stone. (Pun intended.)