Housing Updates: Resigning Yourself to Wien Edition

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4:27 PM: No walk-through doubles in Nussbaum remain. Only 1 seven-person suite in Claremont left.

Now Playing: “Gone,” N*SYNC (just like those walk-through Nussbaum doubles!)


4:20 PM: (see whiteboard above for up-to-date breakdown of what’s left)

4:04 PM: The day is winding down, and only 2 seven-person suites in Claremont remain. 

3:59 PM: “Karma Police” has been played two times in a row and counting…

3:24 PM: No McBain walk-through doubles reamin. 

3:06 PM: Au revoir, Watt. The last studio double just went.

2:58 PM: Just 5 seven-person suites in 47 Claremont remain.

2:29 PM: All the walk-through doubles in McBain (save for one on the second floor and one on the third) are taken.

2:09 PM: Two girls run screaming from the tables, a purple ballerina flat flies off of the girl’s foot and into Bwog’s computer. “WE GOT WATT!” she screamed. “You’re annoying little girls,” her presumably not-as-lucky male friend responded. Bwog handed her back her shoe and she informed us that just two Watt studio doubles remain.

1:38 PM: A housing staffer informs Bwog that most groups to come in this afternoon have dropped to general housing. Only “a few doubles” have been taken today, and not much else. We’ll know the exact number of groups to have dropped into general as soon as the whiteboard is updated, which should be pretty soon. Stay tuned.

The latest from the crowded, humid John Jay lounge:


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  1. yes!  

    Bwog is back on housing coverage. Thank you!

  2. Gunnin for it  

    C'mon, Clairmonnnnnnnt!

  3. haha i got claremont  

    all of the rising sophomores who thought they would get ruggles 8-person suites (i.e. ALL OF THEM) are breaking for general around now.

  4. :-)  



    hahahaha i got claremont too, holla. i guess it's the ruggles of 2011?

  6. nope...  

    it's still claremont.

  7. EC8  

    why is no one taking the 6th floor doubles?

    They are big by all standards, in EC, and probably the only housing left with a private bathroom.

    won't you be our neighbor?

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