Earth Week Begins with a Free Pizza Party

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Tipster Jason Patinkin writes to us with two tips. The latter is a complete schedule of  Earth Week, which begins today. The week of activities includes tons of free food, tours of environmentally-friendly buildings, and a ton of lectures. Check out the full schedule after the jump.

Patinkin also direct our attention to what he refers to as a “staggering” amount of free pizza in Lerner. “2 advising deans are answering questions in East Ramp Lounge and have about 15 famiglia pizzas.  They’re there till 3.  RIGHT NEXT DOOR in the West Ramp Lounge from 12-1:30, the eco-reps will have 5 V&T Pizzas for their every popular “Simple Things You Can Do to Help the Environment” Discussion,” he writes of the pizza-bounty. Apparently just one pie has been eaten.

Wednesday 4/16:

Simple Things You Can Do For The Environment

Lunch with Barnard/Columbia Eco-Reps, Lerner Ramp Lounge West, 12-1:30 PM

Free V & T Pizza!

Keynote Lecture, Barnard Environmental Science Professor Stephanie Pfirman: Melting Arctic Ice

Carleton Lounge, 6PM

Free Ice Cream and Popsicles!

Thursday 4/17:

Environmental Fair,

Low Plaza 12-3.  Free food, Root Beer Floats, and FREE WATER (take the water “pepsi challenge” with bottled, tap, and Britta filtered water)

Protecting the Redwoods: Forest Activism

7:30 PM, Lerner West Ramp Lounge (Acadia confirming)

Yoni Stadlin, a JTS student, will be speaking about his time spent tree-sitting to protect the Redwoods (he’s done it 3 times!).

Friday 4/18:

Green Bulding Tour of 4 Times Square

Led by Megan McNally, BC ’10 EcoRep

Meet at Columbia Gates at Noon

Go behind the scenes to see the inner workings of a green building!

Groundbreaking for Community Garden

Pupin Plaza, (Probably 3PM)

Sponsored by Columbia University Food Sustainability Project and EarthCo.

Free Food!

Saturday 4/19:

EcoTour of New York City (See official advertisement):

Come explore what makes New York City one of the most environmentally sustainable urban centers in the world with a FREE Eco-Tour of NYC.  All transportation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are FREE

When: Saturday, April 19th, all day (starting 9am)

Register: Starting Sunday at 8am, April 13th, Email [email protected] with your name, UNI, CU Affiliation. First come, first served, space is limited.

– Environmental Justice Tour of Harlem with WE ACT

– Tour of the world’s first green residential tower, the Solaire

– A presentation from the Mayor’s Office on PlaNYC, the comprehensive greening plan for New York City

– Enjoy FREE organic breakfast, lunch, and dinner from eateries in NYC

– Attend a carbon-neutral concert on the East River hosted by Solar1

Sunday 4/20:

Screening of Planet Earth on Low Steps

Sponsored by CUEBS, Bacchanal

Monday 4/21:

Hawaii in the Balance:  Culture, Environment, and Sustainability

Carleton Lounge, 6:15 pm

Join Malama Hawaii, EarthCo., and Barnard Eco-Reps for a presentation and discussion of native Hawaiian mythology, values, and practices relating to the environment.  Hawaii’s environment faces many challenges from habitat degradation, development, and invasive species, and connections between culture and landscape that helped mediate the link between people and environment are increasingly eroded.  What–both ecologically and culturally–has been lost?  What remains? And what can we do for the future?


Tuesday 4/22:

Closing address: Water Quality in Bangladesh with Barnard Professor Martin Stute, introduced by Margaret Bounds, BC ’08

6PM, Carleton Lounge

Sponsored by EarthCo

Free Bhakti Club dinner!

Harvest Dinner at Hewitt

Sunday 4/27:

Cane Toads movie

Lerner Cinema

Sponsored by CUEBS

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  1. God of Pizza  

    I just cast my vote for Jason Patinkin! CC'09!

  2. its  

    not like he made or bought the pizza's. he just found them.

  3. yoyoyo  

    save the earth!! come consume!!!

  4. spell check  

    It's spelled Patinkin, not Patankin.

  5. DHI  

    Jason "The Dink" Patinkin is one of the eco-reps so he had something to do with the eco-rep pizza.

  6. no man

    I aint an Eco rep...but I wish I was. They're awesome.

  7. i'm  

    part of eartco., which organized many of the earth week events, even though other groups, such as Eco-Reps, lead some of the events, like this one. Eco reps are a group of students who lead workshops, work in dorms, etc. to promote sustainability.

  8. yes, but  

    there aren't enough caves.

    • mmm  

      maybe we need a cull of humanity then?

      i know, we can people to start using biofuels to be environmentally friendly. this will drive up food prices causing millions to starve or die of malnutrition.

      you eco people are very clever!

      • The Dink  

        we need to re-release apex predators into the entirety of their former habitat in order to check the human population. also, when it comes to biofuels...there's a lot of ins, and a lot of outs, some are good some bad, and they would not necessarily drive up food prices, though that could (and has) happened. things are a bit more complicated than you say.

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