1. what do you  

    call someone who lives in williamsburg and likes S&M?

    a whipster!

  2. Nick Denton

    awesome. the eye worked "broken social scene" into a story again. given yet another pitchfork band covered in the music section, are there any non-hipsters writing for that thing?

  3. random thought  

    will the day ever come where there will be a renegade columbia-related bwog that will do QuickBwogs?

  4. stop  

    whining. Columbia never said it'd hold your hand and find you your bestest friends in the whole wide world. It'd generally be easier to find friends if you were either less awkward or a lot more awkward.

  5. If you  

    If you want a community at Columbia, join a sorority or a fraternity. It's that simple. Otherwise, remain independent and stop complaining.

    • ew no

      part of the columbia experience is feeling bitter and alienated, and taking it out on the university by complaining about how boring morningside heights is, dreaming of moving to east williamsburg, and not contributing a dime after graduation. then, 30 years later, you will discover someone you know went to columbia, and can bitch about that stuff all over again. that's columbia community.

      if you like frats, transfer to dartmouth asap.

  6. Prefrosh

    So is the article right? And, like, do people at Columbia not make Columbia friends or something?

    • DHI

      Nah, it's not really like that (I'm a junior). You make a lot of friends, and even have fairly large group of friends, but there's not a "community" in what I guess is the Large Suburban High School/Boarding School/Greek Community sense in that there is a larger group of people who attend the same events and are aware of each other socially, but aren't friends per se.

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