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UPDATE 8:54 PM:  Shots of Jacks for Experience.  (Now playing: “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” by the Geto Boys.)

UPDATE 8:50 PM:  George just called his mom, screaming. (Now playing: “We Are the Champions.”)

Results are in from CCSC Elections Board: George Krebs is your new CCSC President. (Now playing in Krebs’s Watt dormroom, “We Will Rock You”.) 

Mark Johnson defeated outsider Colin Drummond for Senior Class Council.  Full results are in an email from Andrew Ness after the jump.  



Dear Candidates,

Thank you for a great campaign season! You all worked extremely hard and exhibited great diligence in your campaigning. The Spring 2008 Campaign winners are below. Attached is a spreadsheet with the total results of voting. If you have any questions or concerns with the results please contact the Elections Board immediately at [email protected]. Your last task is to fill out a candidate feedback form which the Elections Board will distribute via email in a few days. In the meantime I hope you enjoy your first night away from campaigning!


The Elections Board


Executive Board

Experience Columbia

George Krebs

Laura Doan

Adil Ahmed

Robyn Burgess

Ian Solsky

Class of 2009

Fusion Party

Mark Johnson

Mallory Carr

Zahrah Taufique

Heather Oh

Colin Felsman (Leadership Evolved: My Oh Nine!)

Class of 2010

Your Party

AJ Pascua

Sue Yang

Valerie Sapozhnikova

Matthew Harold

Joey Goldberg

Class of 2011


Learned Foote

Sara Partridge

Tom Amegadzie

Melissa Im

Sean Udell

Academic Affairs Rep.

Karen Woodin

Student Services Rep.

Aaron Edmonds

Priyanka Gumaste

Preprofessional Rep.

Melissa Santos

Two Year Senate

Monica Quaintance

One Year Senate

Tiffany Dockery

Rishika Samant


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  1. congrats Krebs  

    Now let's hope he does his job.

    Also I'm disappointed that Colin Drummond's party didn't win.

  2. yo.  

    Please tell me that's underage drinking...

    Nothing would make me feel better than a pic of the new Pres takin' one back...

    P.S. If BWOG really cared about something important, the may have wanted at least one note, possibly a byline on Take back the Night.

    The sidebar can only call so much attention...

  3. Amused  

    I wonder how Colin Felsman is going to deal with being the only one of his party to make the CC 09 council. I've got five dollars on a resignation.

  4. Classact

    That picture is full of..erm...class?

  5. noo!  


  6. I voted  

    for Krebs' party... mainly because I really supported someone else on his ticket. But now I'm kind of regretting it. After the flex stuff and this classy pic, It's becoming clear that he might not be the best man for the job. Whatever though... CCSC doesn't matter much except for his resume.

  7. OH NO  




  8. sheesh  

    Let the man celebrate. You know you'd be doing it too.

  9. class act?  

    why is being "classy" a good thing? I voted for Krebs cuz his ticket seem less slick, money, high-class fund manager analyst type bullshit. I like the pic of Krebs. Just a normal-ass dude. If he won, I bet Alidad would be sipping on some fancy kind of drink that i've never even heard of. ps - the pic would be better if it was colt 45

  10. damnit  

    what the hell. this is why bush wins elections.

  11. WTF!!!  


  12. WTF!!!  

    "BEST OF ALL" sorry...

  13. yeah  

    i dont know why rishika got it

  14. Krebs-hater

    Well at least we know that Columbia supports Neanderthal rule. Another year of cronyistic non-democracy. Yippee! Another year of poorly run politics. Maybe Adil will salvage some semblance of something from that ticket. Maybe the election board will now come around to realize that "tickets" for SC elections makes people lazy.

    A shame about Drummond. At least he's hysterical :)

    Glad Krebs has started his political career with him illegally chugging a bottle of champagne. Maybe his RA will write him up. Oh wait, she's on his ticket.

  15. surprise surprise

    Congrats to Krebs. Disappointed about Drummond.

  16. ...  

    fuck rishika!! she accosted me while i was running late to class today... not your damn business whether or not i've voted for your stupid ass

  17. good for the school  

    Are you serious. Cronyistic non-democracy??

    Michelle Diamond did everything she could to subtly bend and break the rules in Alidad's favor. Endorsing a candidate "off the record"? leaking an email regarding a minor slip up in George's work to bring off campus flex to the student body? Those incidents were the very definition of cronyism.

    Krebs won because he put the most effort into his campaign. You couldn't walk five feet without seeing the guy. He wanted it more and he's going to do more with it as a result.

  18. sup  

    Im glad Rishika got it..Shes been in a few of my classes and she is the most down to earth person who was running and she put the most effort into the senate campaign.

  19. ddd  

    whoa the one year senate race was the most competitive! Good job to those two girls!

  20. dood  

    seriously, student council cant really fuck up anything too badly, so as long as my ccsc prez is pleasant and has a general idea of what's going on, i am happy. and george's pleasantness goes through the roof--there is no end to it, and so to me, that is the most important thing.

    let's be honest, when i voted for all of the other positions that i was not aware of the candidates for, i looked at the pictures and decided to vote for the most attractive. and i'd feel safe saying that this is how a majority of voters carried out their voting rights (unless they knew people involved). sucks for the guy who didn't have a picture.

  21. ahem...  

    where's the spreadsheet with the actual numbers?

  22. history

    I love rishika she came to mcbain twice to speak with me she really took the time!

  23. fo reals  

    i want to seem some numbers. this isn't Zimbabwe. let the votes be known!

  24. the Spec says

    "ultimately Krebs pulled out a solid victory with 58.94 percent of 1,856 votes cast."


  25. Freeland Supporter  

    Rishika's ass should not have won the election. Freeland had such a better vision for Columbia. Not Rishika. Plus Freeland, was the most down to earth guys I met so far in any campaign.

  26. jjk  

    thats because you're billy freeland....

  27. who cares?

    seriously - all this amounts to is resume fodder. Student government has less power than Iraqi government.

    Drinking champagne because you convinced 1100 people to give a shit about this exercise in ego-stroking is kind of lame.

    Think of it this way:
    with 4000+ students in the College - nearly 3/4 don't give a shit about this tool. Even fewer care about the other one.

  28. older  

    Michelle had a very similar picture taken and plastered on the cover of Spec last year when she won. Not sure if that bodes well, but he's not the first person to do it.

  29. Whitney Green

    Whitney Green eats babies. Yes its true, she ate my little brother.

  30. Bob

    AHhhhhh Alidad ate my baby also. What is up with all these baby eaters. If Krebs eats my other baby, I don't know what I am going to do.

  31. dog  

    its a shame that so many haters come on to this site and just complaint. all the people in the races worked hard, regardless of who won or not. these are people who, on top of all the stress that attending columbia brings as being a students, want to work to better the student life of their peers. 3/4 not voting is not people not caring about some prick, its 3/4 of the population not recognizing the time and sacrifice that goes into serving as a student leader, whether its ccsc, esc, or some other group. if you've got complaints about student council, join it and change it.

    don't just sit online and post anonymous complaints.

    alidad and krebs worked hard, and knowing both of them im sure that no matter what the outcome has been they both will do what they can to contribute their community.

  32. even better  

    why not just call the mcbain/watt ra on duty and break this shit up out of spite. or public safety.

  33. fuck you  

    anyone else notice all the left over booze at lerner pub getting poured down the drain? how bout some real change, ccsc?

  34. "Resume Fodder?"  

    It's amazing how quickly we forget. During the long sequence of events from Ahmeddinjad to the hunger strike, CCSC and the administration were entirely reactive. We didn't find out about Ahmenijad until 3 days before. After each hate crime, I got a condemnatory statement in my email, and that was it.

    This is unacceptable. We need someone who will be proactive on issues like this, instead of waiting for the next controversy. Experience will be.

  35. MADD

    He's a minor and he's downing champagne in his victory photo?

    I don't mean to play old lady here, but shouldn't that earn him some sort of penalty with the university and perhaps strip him of the win?

    That of course assumes that the school upholds laws and whatnot.

    • Seriously?  

      Alidad's crew was holed up in the 'stend, do you think they wouldn't have had a drink if they'd won.

      Additionally, didn't Alidad state in his bwog personal that his favorite drink was "vodka with anything" or something to that effect? I don't know how old the guy is but concievably thats also an admission of underage drinking.

      Also, it is people like you who are causing us to lose the war on fun.


      It is such stupidity to call him a "minor." He is days short of his 21st birthday, besides which, the whole notion that someone only (and always) attains adulthood at that mark, is itself plainly ridiculous.

    • DHI  

      Look, I understand MADD is addressing real issues, but ya'll spam too many blog threads. Before this one, I was reading a Washington Post blog posting on beers at the new Nationals stadium, and someone from MADD posted that they shouldn't sell beer.
      They shouldn't sell it for six dollars is what they shouldn't do.

  36. MADD

    Look, that's not the point. With these idiots throwing "rules violations" that nobody gave a hoot about during the campaigns, it's sort of ridiculous to all the representative of the student body to go get shitfaced and then plastered (no pun intended) on campus media outlets. I don't care if you want to throw back the "everyone drinks" or "he's only a few days away from 21" defense. The point stands that it's illegal and that the university will gladly turn the other way.

    If you're going to run a place, you shouldn't enforce some rules and not others, especially when this one looks to be an outright illegal act. Since this kind of crap would bite you in the ass in real politics, why allow it in student government at a top university? It makes the school look horrible.

  37. SADD  

    I'd just like to point out that no one around here has a car, and you'd be hard pressed to drive drunk in the city even if you did, because you wouldn't be using it for anything except to get to work. Or are M against drunkenness in general?

  38. MADD

    That's not the point. It's the law. If the elections committee is going to enforce rules, why should students breaking the law - elected officials chosen by the student body to represent them - be allowed to get away with this? I think it's a pretty big deal as it reflects back on the students. This has nothing at all to do with the prospect of drunk driving. This kid is outwardly breaking the law, drinking underage, moments after being declared the CCSC President.

    Krebs also looks like a giant tool in that picture. Is he?

  39. geez  

    George Krebs is a douche bag. Pretty soon people will be kicking themselves for voting for him. He's going to make CCSC more of a joke than it already is. On top of that, the entire administration HATES him. Next year should be fun!

  40. Justin

    george krebs owns you haters. he is our president so deal with it... and he is way more down to earth than most of you "bwogging" assholes. student government is a fucking joke and everyone knows it.

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