UPDATE 8:54 PM:  Shots of Jacks for Experience.  (Now playing: “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” by the Geto Boys.)

UPDATE 8:50 PM:  George just called his mom, screaming. (Now playing: “We Are the Champions.”)

Results are in from CCSC Elections Board: George Krebs is your new CCSC President. (Now playing in Krebs’s Watt dormroom, “We Will Rock You”.) 

Mark Johnson defeated outsider Colin Drummond for Senior Class Council.  Full results are in an email from Andrew Ness after the jump.  



Dear Candidates,

Thank you for a great campaign season! You all worked extremely hard and exhibited great diligence in your campaigning. The Spring 2008 Campaign winners are below. Attached is a spreadsheet with the total results of voting. If you have any questions or concerns with the results please contact the Elections Board immediately at ccsc-elections@columbia.edu. Your last task is to fill out a candidate feedback form which the Elections Board will distribute via email in a few days. In the meantime I hope you enjoy your first night away from campaigning!


The Elections Board


Executive Board

Experience Columbia

George Krebs

Laura Doan

Adil Ahmed

Robyn Burgess

Ian Solsky

Class of 2009

Fusion Party

Mark Johnson

Mallory Carr

Zahrah Taufique

Heather Oh

Colin Felsman (Leadership Evolved: My Oh Nine!)

Class of 2010

Your Party

AJ Pascua

Sue Yang

Valerie Sapozhnikova

Matthew Harold

Joey Goldberg

Class of 2011


Learned Foote

Sara Partridge

Tom Amegadzie

Melissa Im

Sean Udell

Academic Affairs Rep.

Karen Woodin

Student Services Rep.

Aaron Edmonds

Priyanka Gumaste

Preprofessional Rep.

Melissa Santos

Two Year Senate

Monica Quaintance

One Year Senate

Tiffany Dockery

Rishika Samant