Valedictorian: Salute!

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MaximBwog’s inbox just got word that the Columbia College valedictorian has been named: Maxim Pinkovskiy, majoring in economics-mathematics, a Soros Fellow, and bound for a Ph. D. at MIT. Maxim, from St. Petersburg by way of Brooklyn, has won several prestigious essay contests and took an internship at the Federal Reserve. But did he give to the Senior Fund?

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  1. dude is great  

    Maxim is awesome. stylish, in his own dorky way. and super-smart and -articulate. used the word "verisimilitude" in our first Art Hum class.

  2. Let's settle this...

    Maxim v. Hawkmadinejad for Columbia supremacy.

  3. Xavier

    Yes, Maxim. BUT WHAT COLOR IS THE LINE????!?


    No. FUSCIA!


    Mrs. Martin. Only I may call her grandma.

  4. Impressed  

    I'm really impressed with his background. This is one of those rare Columbia moments where I feel good about going to a school with people like this as my peers instead of feeling a twinge of jealousy at those more specialized than I am.

    The Soros description said he won both the Lit Hum and CC best paper awards. I've always been curious how those are selected - does anyone know? I'd love to read his papers.

  5. green  

    Well, at least it's not a Rabi scholar for once. Thank heavens!

  6. Wow  

    He sounds really smart.

  7. Yes

    He is extremely smart and well-deserving. The only knock is that he sadly has absolutely no social skills.

    • ...  

      that's not the case at all! he's a charming fellow and totally deserving of his success

    • Anonymous  

      That's not true. Max is outgoing enough, you just have to run into him. I've had extensive conversations with Max and he is certainly the most broadly intelligent person I've met her, well-versed in both humanities and sciences.

      As for best papers, your professor has to suggest you. He was in my Seidel section for Lit Hum, so that presumably carried a lot of weight. But he was also the one who consistently knew every answer in class, and expressed it in a brief, eloquent fashion.

      But even more than all of that, he's just a quiet, nice guy. Not sure how great his speech will be, but I have a feeling it will shock a lot of people who don't think it will be good.

  8. Very impressive  

    Seems like a great choice. I like smart people.

  9. Do you know  

    who the saludictorian is?

  10. Neither...  

    Can #15...who is the salutatorian this year?

  11. anon

    He is one of the nicest people I know. There really could not be a more deserving candidate.

    On the humble-brilliant chart, he is the farthest northeast I have ever seen.

  12. awesome  

    Maxim is the man - super brilliant and an awesome dude. Congrats man!

    • McFister

      Maxim is simply on another level. In spite (or perhaps because) of his prodigious intellect, he's articulate and personable. He's quirky, but he's also completely original, meaning his quirks are very much his own.

      I've had a few discussions with him regarding his work and I would be surprised if he didn't do something absolutely groundbreaking in the field of economics.

  13. ronald sutherland

    I don't know, I slept with max freshman year and he was a real jerk the next morning. He told me to "just get my things and go."

  14. a fan  

    Congratulations Maxim!

    Also, to people in the comments, stop being being bitter and picking on his social skills - would you comment on his awkwardness if you couldn't do it anonymously? It's not like this somehow devalues him as a person.

    I know Maxim and think he's extremely personable and kind. I'm just surprised anyone would have

  15. a fan - cont  

    bad things to say about him!

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