Are any 40 year anniversaries approaching?

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Bwog has just been alerted to some curious news.  It seems that the bastion of journalistic integrity that is the New York Sun ran a very informative piece about CU by a certain Columbia Alum and Republican District Leader Christopher Lanzillotti.

sunAccording to this article, it was almost precisely two score years ago when a group of renegade students overtook some buildings of this very campus (urinating out of windows) and protested commencement with “loud rock music” and used “intoxicating substances.”  It’s a good thing that none of this tomfoolery persisted on campus!  Lanzillotti seems relatively pleased that the campus was able to overcome this “tumultuous” time and now student activism is no longer an important part of campus life.  Apparently, we have been tamed!


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  1. Bianca

    The taming-school! what, is there such a place?

  2. unrelated

    who is going to be barnard's class day speaker??

  3. anonymous

    Although I find the loony activist types on campus thoroughly annoying, I am at least content in the knowledge that most all of them are entirely incapable of actually getting anything done.

  4. nysun

    making fun of campus activists is fine, but them's fighting words when they're in the hands of the anti-columbia new york sun:


    • anonymous

      I don't see how the Sun is anti-Columbia merely because it sometimes points out some of our amusing and absurd goings-ons (e.g. Dabashi, in a fit of mild retardation, accusing Bollinger of racism).

      • umm

        because it ONLY points out "the amusing and absurd goings-ons". that, and more obviously anti-columbia stuff. back to your william randolph hearst shrine, sun groupie.

        • anonymous

          How quickly discussion with Columbia students turns to insipid attempts at mockery when someone disagrees. Maybe the Sun is on to something.

          • ...  

            It always amuses me when outsiders come on here to read/post comments thinking that somehow they're getting a behind the scenes look at the "climate" on Columbia's campus.

            You know, if you really wanted to get a look at what makes Columbia students tick, you could probably tailgate students into buildings and check out the stuff on the bathroom walls. Security is fairly lax and the walls of our bathrooms speak volumes.

          • anonymous

            Outsider? I'm a graduate student at Columbia, third year.

            And I'm thoroughly unimpressed by most of you undergraduates - even aside from the almost uniformly poor quality of your essays.

  5. He's right

    Candlelight vigils over changes to the CORE = tamed activists.

  6. i agree with #6  

    If you actually READ the Sun articles and THINK about what they SAY, you will find them less offensive than they are true.

    • anonymous


      "If you actually READ the Sun articles and THINK about what they SAY, you will find them less offensive than they are true."

      Less offensive than true means more *true* than offensive, yes?

      But you agree with #6, the complainer about the anti-Columbia bias of the Sun (who, in a childish fit, called be a "sun groupie" - which I think was meant as a slut of some sort).

      So are we to take you to mean that yes, the Sun is anti-Columbia, and yes, what they say about Columbia is true?

  7. what do you  

    call tabloid reporting?


  8. response to #11  

    i meant that i agree with # 7, sorry

  9. and...  

    #7 is you, so I agree with you.

  10. ..............

    NY Sun certainly can't compete with the unparalleled journalistic integrity of Bwog...

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