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More news from the Fu Foundation from Bureau Chief Tony Gong.  Featuring colorful commentary and discussions about food!

I love ESC. I’ll love ESC through impeachments, seven-hour meetings, and god knows how many viewings of Homeward Bound. But I love seeing The National perform for free in Roone Arledge just a little more. Nevertheless, at the opportunity cost of missing the second-half of Grizzly Bear’s performance, I stuck with my “Satow buds” (please don’t tell them I call them that) for a bit last night, and learned about some valuable new initiatives Columbia Dining is cooking up.

Student Services Rep Peter Valeiras’ silky, student servicing voice delineated most of the policy I was present to hear. First up was a “local brunch” program that John Jay is pushing. The idea for this brunch, in Peter’s words, will be to “emphasize that everything is within one hundred miles from the campus.” I think this basically means that the food will come from a supermarket in New Jersey.

Ferris Booth is looking to diversify its selection: fish tacos and burritos may be added to its night cuisine. Peter was particularly excited to notice: “Asian during the day… and Mexican at night!”

Then, Peter brought up the best idea ever again: issuing daily swipes at John Jay rather than set meals. The idea seemed to be developing, and a quick majority vote of the council let us know that a proposal should be written. Peter’s follow-up question: “Would anyone be willing to write a proposal?” Everyone’s hands dropped quickly, expect for VP of Policy Prish Dunstan’s. I felt the urge to also raise my hand, just to break the tension, but something in my head told me ‘no’. I’ll let you have this one, Prish.

Peter concluded his agenda, and I thought discussion about food had all but ended. But then I remembered: we could always count on senior class president Eash Cumarasamy to promote the senior class beef dinners. On cue, he proudly announced, “50% started eating beef!” A very surreal moment followed. The council just sat and nodded their heads in deep, silent approval of Eash’s work. I saw a sophomore lick his lips, tasting the wonderful beef dinner in his mind. President Liz Strauss stared off absentmindedly into space. This council is so weird, I thought to myself. Fortunately, my thoughts were interrupted as my cell phone buzzed: a text from a friend, informing me that The National were setting up.

I’ll crack your mysteries someday, ESC. Last night just wasn’t the night.

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  1. please  

    learn how to link to your own articles. "display_current_article: id no good" is kind of getting old.

  2. who  

    is the mysterious "I"?

    i get thrown off when bwog doesn't refer to itself in the third person.

  3. EWW  

    I completely disapprove of such a plan for ferris booth. i'm already sick of their shitty imposter ethnic food as it is. they don't need to ruin mexican for me too.

  4. Amp Nitch  

    display_current_article: id SO good

  5. Pro-Gong  

    I'm not even in SEAS, but Tony Gong's writing makes an ESC meeting, of all things, sound interesting. Bwog, promote the man.

  6. varun  

    tony gong, can i have your babies?

  7. ha!

    this was really funny and well written. I especially liked the new jersey supermarket line (partially because it's probably true).

  8. well tony...  

    i gotta hand it to ya. i'm just so glad that you are bringing to light all the talking heads that sit on this council.

    ...well, not all of them are, but still...

  9. Lili  

    Ha. This was a nice article!

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