Giant Steps Are What You Take, Walking on the Moon

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The young at heart (and the fearless of motion-sickness) take note: There are currently two moon-bounces—one features two basketball hoops and basketballs for competitive gamesmanship—stationed on Low. (There is also a dunking tank for the masochistic.)

The Anti-Iraq War Demonstration Bell is still ringing strong, though its sounds are slightly muffled by the screams of the unlucky who have been fated to splash into the icy waters of the dunking tank. Bwog suggests you head out to Low to get your last bits of fun in before final paper crunch time begins. 

Another picture of all the fun you should be having after the jump.

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  1. i remember this

    from last year! oh, how i wish i were on campus right now...or even just outside!

  2. Debbie Downer

    What is the point of this exactly?

    And don't these people have anything better to do at this point in time at our venerable institution?

  3. props  

    for the Sting reference.

  4. ksa  

    the point is to make innocent korean students' lives miserable

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