QuickSpec: We’ve Learned A Lot Edition

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Jarid Maged wrote a “17 page admissions essay” to get into GS, which apparently doesn’t impose a word limit. (Also, the title of this column makes only weird, self-referential sense.)

The Spec is extremely comfortable cursing in print now. And, apparently, fellating the Arcade Fire. Quite literally.

Tegan and Sara… still fresh. Still cool.

Apparently Columbia should “move on” from the whole 1968 thing. An eight hundred word editorial and 40-year anniversary conference are good first steps.

Take-out food… it’s delicious! Um, unless you take this article’s advice and go to Milano.

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  1. wtf  

    anyone else notice that spec completely missed all the anti war happenings yesterday? some really solid journalism going on over there if they missed huge events in the center of campus.

    • blahg

      Covering protests on this campus and being expected to convey any sort of freshness or enthusiasm would require the talents of the faculty, not the students. Why bother protesting anything on a college campus anyway? Who is there to enlighten here? Most students I speak with aren't complacent so much as they are simply bored with all of these safe, cowardly attempts at stimulating the choir. Go out past the front gates and make an effort to confront or enlighten people in the real world instead of incessantly masturbating in the quad and then MAYBE we'd have some actual news to read.

  2. What?

    Bwog, there's snarkiness and then there's idiocy. You don't like Milano?! I demand you defend such an absurd assertion! There are things not to like, such as prices, or people who cut in line, but you don't like the food? Are you kidding me?!

  3. 17 pages?

    The GS essay word limit is 2500 words.

    There's also an optional supplemental essay with a 2000 word limit.

    17 pages? It's one thing to talk about yourself but COME ON!

  4. ...  

    isn't the walk-out the subject of the above-the-fold, front page story?

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