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If you’re in search of a new Saturday night clubhouse for you and your crew – look no further, the Corner Bistro is just the place.  Located at 331 W. 4th St in the West Village. 

Sometimes you want to go, Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.  Not happening at 1020? Well, it probably won’t happen at the Corner Bistro either.  I’ve been frequenting the bar for nearly four years now and to this day the bartender still refuses to know name, let alone my drink.  But the Bistro cannot be written off as just another amateur haunt with a lax ID policy.  

Located on the corner of Jane and West 4th Streets, the Bistro has inviting charm that lends itself to all occasions.  Really there is never a wrong time to go to the Bistro.  Whether you’re pre-gaming, celebrating Saturday night, or just passing through for your night-cap, you’ll always be glad you came.  But stopping by for a weekend lunch, when the afternoon sunlight comes streaming through the bar’s front windows, is hard to beat.

The burgers are remarkable, arguably the best in the city and even have merited their own Facebook group.  The kitchen makes their burgers thick so the outside is always blackened and full of charcoal flavor while the inside is alarmingly pink and dangerously juicy.  If you’re not ready to throw your fears of salmonella to the wayside, order your burger well-done.  Eating your burger can be a messy.  But cutting it down the middle remedies the situation and makes the sandwich ideal for sharing.

The recipe for success at the Bistro is simple – just bring good friends and a laid-back attitude.  Although the place offers the causal atmosphere found at our favorite Morningside Heights taps, it also provides a refreshing touch of sophistication. The jukebox might be a throw back, but their collection of Mo-town classics is a welcomed alternative to “Buy U a Drank.”  The Bistro’s lay out draws its patrons to the back of the bar where there are plenty of deeply inset booths, built for three – but best when five squeeze across. Still, there’s plenty of space to move around. The antique mirror behind the well stocked, if traditional, bar increases the sense of room’s sense of space.  And even though you might have to push a bit to get to the bartender’s attention, you’ll find yourself immersed in an authentic New York crowd.

You’re much more apt to encounter a traditional crew of guys and girls engaged in conversation and nursing their Stellas than you are to find a bunch of over zealous tweens snapping pics and downing tequila.  Unfortunately, there’s evidence – one notorious Facebook album titled “My Life and the Gatos who Keep Me Company” – contradicting both the prior statement and the social integrity of this reviewer.  Although I may not be able to say the same of myself, the Bistro has aged well over the years and I am certain it will grow on you too.  


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  1. i like  

    a good causal atmosphere myself. otherwise things happen for no apparent reason and that can be a messy.

  2. i was hungry  

    really cheap beer but terrible grilled cheese. not that those out bar hopping are necessarily looking for the latter.

  3. great place

    the bistro is awesome. best burger south of shake shack.

  4. rexi

    you will not want to share the burger, esp. if you are drunk.

  5. yum  

    THE BURGERS ARE AMAZING. That was one of the last times I had meat before I became a vegetarian and I dream about it.

  6. Jolly Green Girl

    Used to be my favorite haunt until the new bartender ruined it for me. What a waste of humanity. But might give it another go as long as that waste of air is not there.

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