Screw CCSC elections. Last night, the real election everyone on campus was talking about went down: the election for Director of Technology of ESC!

But apparently, not everyone was as excited as me. About ten people on the council were missing�enjoying SEAS NY trips, returning Homeward Bound at Kim’s, etc. I snuck listens to the various coercing cell phone conversations that were happening: “Yo, can you just come for like twenty minutes? Then you can peace.” I hope to someday sound that cool on the phone.

The competition was between Daniel Gundrum and Kenny Rivera�both SEAS ’10, both into computers, both very nerdy. Daniel, whose oratory skills have impressed me before, again began working the crowd with an undeniable smoothness: “I think you wanna see some of the things I’ve done.” Without even waiting for our validation (that’s part of his smoothness), he proceeded to present several games he had programmed in his free time. One of them tested how many times he could click the mouse in thirty seconds, for which Daniel racked up an inspiring 134 clicks, perhaps symbolizing the 134 things I would rather do than play that game.

Kenny, unmoved by Daniel’s performance like the boulder I can’t move in Pokemon Red because no one on my team knows HM04 yet, didn’t begin with quite as much rhetoric sway: “I like to create nothing. Let’s flip that�I like to create something from nothing.” Nevertheless, Kenny’s chief project, the SEAS 2010 website, was an impressive display, and Kenny effectively articulated his passion for the work he would be doing: “I get excited when websites break � it means I get to fix them.”

It was a tough call, but ultimately, Kenny took home the big win. Congrats to Kenny on his well earned position. I’ve finally found someone nerdier than I am, which will hopefully get my mom off my back for a few days.

– Tony Gong, Fu Foundation Bureau Chief