UPDATE (12:45 PM): It’s halftime at housing—the process of coming to terms with Wien or the McBain shaft will resume after a lunch break at 1:30 PM. The white board, creature of habit that it is, hasn’t been updated since our last photo. However, according to housing, about four or five groups have come in since that time. Their selections? “Mostly Nussbaum and McBain.”

UPDATE (12:25 PM):  This room and the people in it could not be calmer–the entire process and people involved appear to have been lobotomized. Obvious sign: Jack Johnson has been playing for the last half hour and no one has complained.  Freshmen lie about and half of them are asleep in the beanbags/synthetic wombs.

McBain doubles are in high demand, as are Broadway doubles.  Bwog realizes that this goes against the grain, but the walk-through doubles in Wien that face 116th are very nice–lots of natural light and good views.

UPDATE (10:53 AM):  The board has just been updated.  There are now 4 doubles in Furnald, 29 Broadway doubles, 121 McBain doubles and 35 doubles in 600 W.113th.

wed housing

It’s the last day of suite selection and rising sophomores with mediocre numbers (in the 1400-1500 range) are currently taking their turn before the vengeful Housing Gods.

Most of them appear to have shown up having no idea where they want to live–only where they don’t want to live, which is just about everywhere. The last Claremont 7 is gone and what remains is on the board at right.  Most are debating between Schapiro walk-through doubles and Broadway doubles.  Others are just confused and are focusing more on class registration than housing selection.  Biggest topic of conversation among freshmen: the Univ. writing research paper no one has written. Biggest topic of conversation among housing staff: “I can’t believe people here care about student government so much…”

 What’s gone: Hogan, EC townhouses, high rises, exclusion suites, Woodbridge, Watt, River, Ruggles and Claremont.