UPDATE 9:02 PM: Jungles is ahead right now, with Shallow Seas and Deep Ocean tied for second!

Late breaking news about Bacchanal’s 4/20 screening of Planet Earth.

The mind-wrecking Discovery Channel miniseries is appearing in Low Plaza on a 14′ X 26′ screen, and you get to pick the two episodes being shown. To vote, just follow the link. But first, let Bwog tell you what to vote for.

Paul Barndt: Go for Deep Ocean, the only one of the episodes that seems to take place on another planet entirely. This is a place of strange, malformed creatures so far removed from the sun they’ve turned transparent. Maybe you’ll even see an ultra-squid. But what’s this about using the Sigourney-narrated American Planet Earth? Attenborough 4 lyfe, Bacchanal!

Michael Molina: I want to see epic battles and Great Plains has two of the four

great hunt sequences in the Planet Earth series. In

addition to the heartbreaking story of the caribou’s fall, the episode

also features the pains of a lion’s hunger that The Bronx Zoo or a JTT

sing-a-long cannot provide. This episode is a varied account of

ecosystems that delivers some of the best action sequences of the

series as well as fantastic sweeping visuals that instill a feeling

that mankind has not completely obliterated Planet Earth.

Bonus Dark Horse Candidate! The “subtle merits” of Shallow Seas had considerable underground support on the Bwog listserv.

Now get to it! Why vote for CCSC when you can choose between monster jellyfish and and killer cats?