College Walk finds itself abuzz with excitement this afternoon, playing host to an array of colorful happenings. Spring is here to stay, much to the delight of protesters and peddlers.

First, as the beat of a conga drum wafts through the air, one finds the ubiquitous trinketry, cheap spring scarfs, and ethnic food of a street fair. Feeling a little green? Make your way to the base of the Steps and celebrate Earth Day by picking up a few fluorescent light bulbs courtesy of the Earth Institute and Columbia’s Sustainability Working Group, but remember to trade in your incandescent bulbs first.  Hear a gong in the distance?  That’s the Iraq War protest group counting five years of conflict by striking a chime for every person killed. They’re on day two now, and Bwog just received word that a counter-protest may be in the works! 

See all those American flags on clotheslines? Courtesy of the College Democrats, it’s a flag washing extravaganza to “wash away the negative image associated with the American flag” and restore the flag as an “international symbol of freedom and justice.”  College Walk and Low steps are very much alive today, and Bwog looks forward to many more hours spent idling on the urban beach.

More photos of the sunshine festivities after the jump!

Update: Tipster Alex Port sends pictures of an unorthodox Iraq counter-protest.