Bwog spent the first hour of George Krebs’ presidency with the man of the hour and the rest of his camp in Krebs’ Watt Studio. 

Krebs bounded down the Watt stairs and greeted us. “Thank you!” he yelled. He ran back up the stairs and slammed the door to his studio open. “WOOOOO!” he yelled. His party and their drunken cohorts yelled affirmatively, and responded with similar “WOOOOs.” 

A random drunken cohort held up a pinata shaped like a donkey. Krebs grabbed a broom out of absolutely nowhere and pounded the pinata. More “WOOOOs.” Six Coors Lights fell out of the pinata and they were snatched up within seconds. 

“I was pleasantly surprised,” Krebs said of his win. He described the soundtrack to his mood right now as the musical stylings of DJ Tanner. He then pointed to his left and introduced us to DJ Tanner. DJ Tanner was not surprised at the Krebs win.

“I’m going to put on a record!” Krebs yelled. “WOOOO!” He puts on a record and starts to dance. Other join.

Bwog yelled to Krebs through the slow jam that was playing: “WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACCOMPLISH AS PRESIDENT?”

He yells back: “A lot of what we wrote on our platform. If we can see the cohesion in Columbia College that I worked to create in ’09, then we can move forward on a lot of initiatives.”

Adil Ahmed grabs Krebs from behind and starts dancing. The slow jam had at that point been changed to a funk ballad. 

Ahmed moved on to a different dance partner. Krebs described the beginnings of his presidency with optimism: “We will meet with the five out our ticket. In the next week everyone [who won] CCSC [elections] gets an email—talking about what they wanna get done next year. We’re gonna spend the next few days enjoying ourselves and celebrating and then we’re going to get our work done.”

Ahmed re-appears and grabs Krebs, who had been on the phone with Spec. “So much work! Seriously! You were up til 5 AM last night! And we still won! We still won!” he screams, as he hangs on to Krebs’ shoulders.

Krebs says he wasn’t surprised at the outcomes of the other CCSC races. “LE:MON party tried a new campaign tactic and unfortunately it didn’t seem to manifest itself in terms of votes,” he says of the ’09 race. 

New people seem to emerge from the hall (or maybe some friends had wandered off and had now come back—it was impossible to say). They reappeared shouting: “Nothing’s off the record! Transparency!” They pointed at Bwog, who was timidly sitting on a couch. “TRANSPARENCY! WOOO,” they continued.

“We have a lot of work to do but tonight we’re going to celebrate. You can make that the headline,” Krebs suggests.

But what sort of celebration does this type of occasion merit? “I wanna go for a swim in the fountain!” screams Ahmed, who has handily brought a bathing suit for the occasion.

Now Playing: “Hips Don’t Lie,” Shakira.