There’s a lot of talk about  Columbia students being too fortunate for our own good.   That may or may not be true.  But  there is no question, we got lucky today.  Columbia students could not have asked for a more ideal afternoon for Relay for Life.  The event began at noon and will continue until three am Sunday morning.

Throughout the afternoon there have been numerous performances to pass the time and keep the volunteers and teams entertained.   Just after Jenny Saldana’s opening comments, emcees Michael Molina and Colin Drummond introduced the first act.  Starting the event off on just the right foot, the Onyx dance team moved across the stage erected in the middle of College Walk with their signature hip hop rhythm.  At five o’clock, the Nick Joseph Band gave a more sedate performance that channeled Jack Johnson more than any hip hop performer.  Despite the host of musical guests scheduled to perform throughout the event, the music seems to have taken the backseat to socializing and the afternoon sunlight.

Students continue to walk around the lawns in small groups as they chat and sip at bubble tea.  The walkers maintain a nice moseying pace and provide a leisurely complement to the intense exertion of the numerous of bare-chested hunks playing ultimate on the lawn.  Others volunteers and team members  pursue even more leisurely activities and lounge on the steps.  Although these participants may be refueling from their respective legs of the race, they’re certainly not munching on Powerbars. Thankfully sponsors donated a spread of savory and sweet goods – from Mexican food to cupcakes. 

Sitting on the steps this afternoon, it’s hard to imagine how Columbia students could have made it through all those dreary winter afternoons spent in Butler – but we did it! We really made it! Spring is here.  And what better way to welcome the season than with this campus-wide charity event?