ProcrastiHop: Good Ways to Provoke an Existential Crisis

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Bwog is taking it slow today and, most likely, so are you. Luckily, the good people at the 114th Annual Varisty Show (a.k.a. Morningside Hates) have unveiled their website. It features high-larious Dateline-style investigations of the V-show’s alleged misdeeds. Bwog has, of course, watched all the videos, but isn’t quite feeling up to full reviews. Nevertheless, Bwog recommends all the episodes from “Varsity Show Destroys Ozone Layer!!!etal” on down to the bottom of the page.

For those seeking a more involved way of whiling away their lives, Bwog will share its most recent hobby: INTERNET COLORING. Yes, with just a click here and a click there, you too can create beautiful images to decorate your soon-to-be-vacated room or soon-to-be-moved-into Butler study space. For the few who wholeheartedly embrace Bwog’s critical eye, here are a few recommendations: the sassy “polka-dot top,” the mystical “earth wizard,” and the magnificent “eating hamburgers,” a sad reminder of what the Candyland Cookout might have been.

Speaking of Candyland, the Hasbro website has a coloring page, too! The designs are delightful, but there’s no purple on the color palette! For shame!

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  1. Bwog  

    has plummeted to new depths of pointlessness.

  2. how come  

    it decides that you want all the dots to be one color? I wanted them to be different! Plus the Hasbro website DOES have purple, you just have to click "More Colors" at the bottom of the page.

    Yes, I did just research that.


    MAY 2 at 8PM
    MAY 3 at 8PM
    MAY 4 at 3PM & 8PM

  4. Um,  

    V Show's website has been up for awhile, Bwog. nice reporting.

  5. disappointed

    I went to all those sites you suggested but didn't find one homeless person to color. And I've always said how they're so colorful, too.

    I settled for a drawing of a Japanese-looking girl, with a puddle of some liquid behind her. I made it pee.

  6. Myrna is very similar to, the main difference is that has more stuff to color and more colors to use.

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