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Over the last month, Bwog has compiled 17 reviews of Columbia libraries around campus with the goal of promoting spaces other than Butler to the student body. With our project complete and midterms underway, we’d like to present one post with information from and links to every library review. Take a look at the specific […]

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Library Review: The Stacks

The Stacks can be pretty freakin’ scary. Once, I went there to get some LitHum books, and I felt this great, dark presence looming just over my shoulder. As part of our library review series, Bwog Staffer Timmy Wu reviews Columbia’s favorite haunt/sexy-time place where “the light could not reach.” Location: The core of Butler […]

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Roses Are Red, Foucault’s In Sig Nu…

…Mill and Hegel are frat bros, Oh, and Luther is too. Spotted in an abandoned study room:

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The Finals Weekend Showdown: Finals vs. Papers

Another vintage post from our archives for you to contemplate while holed up in the library… With classes completed and a weekend now free to bemoan our misery, Bwoggers weigh in from Butler Cafe/salon: what’s worse, studying for finals or writing papers? Papers Remember: every essay is an open book test. With class notes, a few […]

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BiblioBwog: The Joseph Urban Exhibit

Bwog has hopped and camped in libraries, but we’ve never actually explored their contents. The Columbia libraries are a treasure trove of exciting history, so with the help of our lovely librarian friends, we’re going to highlight some hidden jewels. For our first installment of BiblioBwog, Carolyn Ruvkun talked to Jennifer Lee, Performing Arts Curator […]

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No One Else May Be Hiring, But We Are

The Blue and White is in the market for a new publisher, who would begin in February and hold the position until January 2011. Applicants should ideally have some experience in production, sales, advertising (both Internet and print), or PR (whether via an internship or working with campus publication/creative production/student group), but we’ll be considering […]

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Sophomores, You Are Almost Through With This Man

 John Stuart Mill, courtesy Wikipedia Bwog knows finals for Contemporary Civilization are approaching when she hears students asking each other in the hallway, “Do you know anything about Nee-chay?” So, to all sophomores about to engage with the harm principle, categorical imperatives, and the social contract: exercise your will to power. The birds of prey […]

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There Once Was A Final Exam…

Put down the Sparknotes, freshmen—Bwog has your cheatsheet study guide to the Lit Hum exam right here. No, we’re not trying for a repeat of those fateful days of two years yore, but we are hoping to help you prepare for your Lit Hum exam with the best study device known to mankind: limericks. After […]

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Review: The Chowdah Clip Show

 Image courtesy of Chowdah Bwog Comic Curmudgeon Jon Hill caught Chowdah’s fifth anniversary last night in Lerner. If you’re reading this now and haven’t seen Chowdah’s fifth anniversary show, you’re unfortunately too late. The show closed Saturday, so given the time constraints, this review won’t be able to convince you whether to buy a ticket. […]

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LibraryHop: Lincoln Center’s Performing Arts Library

You’ve heard of LectureHops, you’ve heard of RoomHops, and BarHops. Meet the latest species of the Hopping persuasion: the LibraryHop.   Here, Bwog offers a guide to the NYPL’s Performing Arts Library.  Happy studying!  O, autumn! That time of year when yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang! This may or may not be such […]

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ProcrastiHop: Good Ways to Provoke an Existential Crisis

Bwog is taking it slow today and, most likely, so are you. Luckily, the good people at the 114th Annual Varisty Show (a.k.a. Morningside Hates) have unveiled their website. It features high-larious Dateline-style investigations of the V-show’s alleged misdeeds. Bwog has, of course, watched all the videos, but isn’t quite feeling up to full reviews. […]

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