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Bwog tipster Daniel Wong stumbled upon an old timey map of campus dating back to 1981 A.D. The map is fairly similar to those being handed out today, but Wong and Bwog noticed several differences, which we have archived for posterity—along with the full map—after the jump. 

The East Campus Construction Project


Johnson (not Wien)

The Schapiro parking lot

Missing Broadway & CEPSR

Miller Theatre formerly known as McMillin

What is “Kings Crown” (116 & Morningside)?

Ferris Booth, of course

The bookstore used to be attached to Journalism

Maison Francaise = East Hall

Those buildings attached to Milbank, have they always had names?

Plus two bonus historical facts from Bwog Webmaster Zach van Schouwen:

“In the name of ‘the past’, two random things I learned this weekend from reading The Ungovernable City:

‘During World War II, the blocks between West 110th and 113th Streets and Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway were placed off limits to Navy midshipmen training at Columbia because of the plethora of prostitutes working out of the buildings.’

Similarly, Plimpton replaced the Bryn Mawr Hotel, which was apparently a classic NY hooker-and-drug-dealer hotel.”

See? Now, don’t you feel better prepared for your Urban Studies final? 

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  1. hmmmm

    King's Crown is a boarding house for visiting scholars, lecturers, and guests of the university. It is still in existence.

  2. bc '07

    Milbank, Fiske, and Brinckerhoff were the original buildings on Barnard's campus. Now, of course, they're all referred to collectively as Milbank.

    Sulzberger was built in the 1990 range.

  3. annoyed  

    Bwog, we can't see half the map. Could you perhaps scan it again so that we can actually see half the things you reference?

  4. Hedge Fund  

    I thought King's Crown Was a student run hedge fund?

  5. John  

    The law school was renamed Jerome Greene, so now what was Jerome Greene is Jerome Greene Annex

  6. jpm  

    EC really is a housing project.

  7. lame-o

    You could've learned half this stuff from WikiCU.

    You also missed Pegram Laboratories, and the existence of a Theatre inside Butler.

    This should be of general interest:

  8. Alum

    A few observations, in no particular order in response to the article and the previous comments:

    1. King's Crown is the building which contains Deutsches Haus. It also contains law student hausing and some apartments for academic visitors. Orhan Pamuk lived there when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006, though he no longer does.

    What used to be East Hall (and Alumni Hall before that) is now Buell Hall. Its occupants include Maison Francais, but the Maison was there long before the name changed. The rest of the building used to house career services until it moved into East Campus circa 1986; the architecture school has occupied that space ever since.

    Sulzberger was built in 1987-1988. I believe it opened in the fall of '88. It was called Centennial for several years before the Sulzberger family's donation.

    Pegram was a small building adjacent to Pupin that was built to hold a specific piece of equipment. Once that experiment was over, the building was used for storage. It was demolished in the late '80s (along with several tennis courts) to make room for Schapiro CEPSR.

    The Harkness Theatre inside Butler was an academic theatre -- in other words, a large lecture hall. It had no stage and could not be used for any other purpose. It was removed (along with the public library branch) as part of the multi-year Butler renovations, since the library itself needed more space in the building.

    The map also does not include the Computer Science building, the Warren building on 116th east of Amsterdam, Warren Hall at Amsterdam and 115th, the Kraft Center, the Social Work building, or the two TC towers between 121st and 122nd -- all of which were built after 1981.

    It also doesn't include 47 Claremont or Elliott (which was known only as 49 Claremont at the time), but I have no idea why. Both were used as residence halls at the time, but they weren't added to the map until many years later.

  9. Alum

    The map also includes Eli White Hall, a former dorm on 115th east of Amsterdam. Columbia sold that building to St. Luke's in the early '80s and bought it back a few years ago. Last I heard, the hospital was still using it. I think Columbia plans to demolish it someday and build something else on the site.

  10. fan

    daniel wong is just full of fun!

  11. lou

    bwog --

    might want to post that columbia just won the ivy league championship in baseball. this is pretty fucking huge.

  12. irrelevant post  

    Congratulations to the baseball team for winning the Ivy League!

  13. anyone remember

    lion's court. after they demolished ferris booth and before lerner was completed it was the temporary shack in front of john jay that housed some academic affairs stuff. really shabby building. i remember seeing it when i first visited the campus back in the day.

  14. daniel wong

    wears a thong
    all night long
    that's daniel wong

  15. gasp

    is it nacom day on bwog?

  16. Alum

    I missed another new building that's not on the map: Lenfest Hall, the law school residence on 121st east of Amsterdam. There may be other buildings I've missed, too.

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