Bwog tipster Daniel Wong stumbled upon an old timey map of campus dating back to 1981 A.D. The map is fairly similar to those being handed out today, but Wong and Bwog noticed several differences, which we have archived for posterity—along with the full map—after the jump. 

The East Campus Construction Project


Johnson (not Wien)

The Schapiro parking lot

Missing Broadway & CEPSR

Miller Theatre formerly known as McMillin

What is “Kings Crown” (116 & Morningside)?

Ferris Booth, of course

The bookstore used to be attached to Journalism

Maison Francaise = East Hall

Those buildings attached to Milbank, have they always had names?

Plus two bonus historical facts from Bwog Webmaster Zach van Schouwen:

“In the name of ‘the past’, two random things I learned this weekend from reading The Ungovernable City:

‘During World War II, the blocks between West 110th and 113th Streets and Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway were placed off limits to Navy midshipmen training at Columbia because of the plethora of prostitutes working out of the buildings.’

Similarly, Plimpton replaced the Bryn Mawr Hotel, which was apparently a classic NY hooker-and-drug-dealer hotel.”

See? Now, don’t you feel better prepared for your Urban Studies final?