A Bwog PSA

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Because we know how cramped and claustrophobic Butler is at the moment, Bwog would like to remind you that the lovely, large, (basically empty) classrooms in Hamilton are open and available and yours for the taking. 

In fact, Bwog is sitting in a Hamilton classroom right now and the blackboard is filled with notes from some class’ earlier CC review session. Helpful, eh?

And while the building technically closes around 10 PM, security is usually pretty lax about letting students occupy classrooms into the wee hours of the morning.

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  1. shut up  

    shut up bwog, not everyone needs to know about this!!!

  2. crips  

    Yo SEAS owns that turf. Stay off, CC kids.

  3. but  

    but how late is it ACTUALLY open? i don't wanna get locked out on a cigarette break.

  4. i mean  

    you COULD stay there all night...

    ps I don't know why this article is no longer available on spec, but it isn't, so above is the google cashe.

  5. Shh.  

    " is usually pretty lax about letting students occupy classrooms..."

    Too soon, Bwog. Too soon.

  6. you silly CCers  

    wish you had student lounges in Mudd to study in perfect peace and quiet, without the Butler stench.

  7. butler  

    is actually not that crowded right now...I've seen more than a few empty seats throughout the night.

  8. which  

    classroom has the notes on the board?

  9. fyi

    Many rooms (specifically the 12 rooms on the 6th floor of Hamilton, along with the 3rd floor, I believe) are open the entire day.

    Just keep your space clean, for the love of all that is holy, guys!


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