The First (or Second) of Many Hurdles

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From the deepest corner of our hearts, Bwog wishes underclassmen the best of luck on today’s Lit Hum and CC exams. We’d wrap this post up with a classical reference, but Bwog is being edited by an engineer today, so we’ll just allude to the Wretched of the Earth with a dash of ├╝bermenschen and leave it at that. Excelsior!

(Also, um, hopefully the exam stayed secret this year. Everyone hates make-ups in September.) 

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  1. Bwog  

    Should be edited by engineers more often. It is both more lovable and more enjoyable.

  2. What do you  

    call it if you do it during a CC exam?


  3. Tough  

    The IDs on that CC test were Insanely Difficult.

  4. Freshman  

    Lit Hum IDs were super, super easy =)

  5. junior

    Lit Hum WAS an easy class. Brace yourselves for CC, freshmen. (Also fairly easy... but much less interesting.)

  6. lit hum  

    i fucked up on the hamlet one. i thought it was about ophelia, not gertrude.

    and the virgil: that was about dido, right? right before aeneas leaves?

  7. ophelia/gertrude  

    damn it hamlet your weirdly incestual relationship with your mom has screwed me yet again

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