Pillow Fight!

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Tonight marked the 3rd Annual Pillow Fight/Primal Scream. Not that we needed to tell you that; anyone who wasn’t getting a good night’s rest before a final (ha!) or listening to very loud music probably just heard about 25 straight minutes of screaming emanating from South Lawn.

The be-pillowed masses started to gather at 11:50 PM or so, slowly migrating out of Butler and the dorms and congregating by the sundial. An official-sounding girl with a pillow (UPDATE: “The lovely” Nina Bell, founder of the pillow fight  Correct UPDATE: Lindsey Kaley, this year’s event organizer.) instructed the ranks to split in two, and half retreated to the steps of Butler, while half stayed put at the sundial.

A midnight exactly, the two troops charged towards one another—pillows were flung, screams were primal. Bwog personally noticed two pairs of glasses break and heard of the destruction of at least one pillowcase.

Bwog asked one sophomore who the winner of the pillow fight was, the Butler side or the sundial side. She paused. “Neither. The system. The man.”

More portraits of cotton-y carnage below.

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  1. wow  

    someone was out there with a crutch? probably injured the other leg...

  2. Looks like fun  

    But when's the panty raid?

  3. 300  


  4. DHI  

    Where am I in these pictures?

    I demand pictures of myself because of my human ego.

    • emilyw  

      Yo Discoe you are totally in the last picture on the left cradling your pillow as if it were a newborn baby. not very warrior-like.

      • DHI  

        a) This is pretty clearly some sort of truce-zone (probably pre-fight?)
        b) You don't hold a baby behind the body in the crook of one arm. That is horrible parenting.
        c) Anyone I hit with that pillow knows if I was warrior-like or not.

        • katwill  

          Considering you punched me in the mouth AND are responsible for the two separate headaches I'm currently experiencing, I'd have to say you're at least 85% warrior-like.

          • DHI  

            Katherine, "punched" is a big exaggeration for accidentally scraping you with my knuckles which were holding a pillow while my hand was coming back. And I always been good to you.

            Just for the record, I ain't hit anybody else with non-pillow materials.

  5. Why didn't  

    Bob Dylan show up?

    The answer is pillow-ing in the wind!

  6. excellent  

    that was a great form of stress relief and conflict resolution. next time a bunch of columbia students feel the need to strike or protest, they should try that first...

  7. The man  

    with the crutch is Dan. He enjoys Disney characters, good beer, and opera. He is single, aside from rendezvous with the mayor of West Harlem, and his skin is olive and luscious.

  8. DHI  

    William Zanzinger killed poor Hattie Carrol
    With a goddamn pillow


    Nice job, Bwog!

  10. DHI  

    Medicine Sunday Night (Temporary Like a Pillow)

  11. awww  

    never have i loved my school so much as tonight.

  12. I vote  

    that we make pillow fight bi-annual.

  13. Dan's Friend  

    Dan Amzalog is the fucking man

  14. The Dink  

    yeah, DHI was tearing shit up out there. Packard was takin people down too. Yago in his helmet was a machine.

  15. dan  

    is probably amazing. nina bell needs a good screw.

  16. fun times  

    however, someone punched me in the face. Does that give me street cred?

  17. actually  

    while Nina is the originator of the pillow fight tradition, it was not Nina Bell who split people into two groups. I think that was a girld from the facebook event.

  18. victim  

    Dan smacked down quite a few people with his crutch / pillow

  19. Face Puncher  

    yes eva, it does!

  20. note last picture  

    pitr strait, an alumni, caught reliving days of yore.

    go update, pitr.

  21. a fan  

    Dan is 80 years old at heart and has been labeled by some as "a catch."

  22. that bottom  

    pic has a 4some of heros on the battlefield: disco, jezza, yago, and pitr

  23. alexw  

    I'm going to write a parody of that A.E. Housman poem and name it "To An Athlete Dying Never" and I'll dedicate it to Pitr Strait.

    • Atticus Never  

      At first, I thought that was a threat directed towards me, but then I realized that I cannot read.

      I think this post should be dedicated to the UNIVERSAL SOLDIER.


  24. Yelena  

    Lindsey Kaley was the "official sounding girl"

  25. ianc-b  

    lindsey is the greatest.

  26. mr. Mister

    a nice Columbia mention at the bottom

  27. alexw  

    Nina, you are one of the few people to whom the epithet "the lovely" is perpetually affixed.

  28. resident douchebag


    • I think not?

      The pillow fight has traditionally only been held in the spring semester. Maybe there should be a campus-wide snowball fight for the primal scream in the winter?

  29. pitr


    I may be an alumnus of Columbia, but no one ever truly graduates from the battlefield.

    Also lives on, thank you very much.

  30. Riven  

    This was soo much fun and stress relieving... until a guy who did not have a pillow in the middle of the mass hit me right in the jaw with punch... what a f'n a**hole.... he was really lucky that I dont like violence and that I did not beat him into a pulp after that action

    • Hah!  

      Act tough. I bet if someone has the guts to punch you in the face, you wouldn't stand a chance in a real fight.

      Let's face it: when it comes to physical feats of strength (yes I'm aware of the reference) Columbia students are pretty lowly.

  31. grace p  

    i second icb. lindsey IS the greatest.

  32. Anonymous

    For the record: Pillow fight founder Nina Bell is Australian.

    It had to be said.

  33. Mind you,  

    Some pillow fights actually took place in the dorms as well, for the lazy.

  34. katwill  

    Hey man, I was just demonstrating your warrior-like-ness.

  35. Bethmann-Hollweg  

    And whoever said that college was for grown ups?

  36. Mr. Kaley

    Lindsey!!! Wait till I tell your Mother!
    Your Father

  37. Thomas Bunsen

    haha oh shit I think that is Kaley's IRL dad

  38. Yo asdf  

    Josh Branfman

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