Tonight marked the 3rd Annual Pillow Fight/Primal Scream. Not that we needed to tell you that; anyone who wasn’t getting a good night’s rest before a final (ha!) or listening to very loud music probably just heard about 25 straight minutes of screaming emanating from South Lawn.

The be-pillowed masses started to gather at 11:50 PM or so, slowly migrating out of Butler and the dorms and congregating by the sundial. An official-sounding girl with a pillow (UPDATE: “The lovely” Nina Bell, founder of the pillow fight  Correct UPDATE: Lindsey Kaley, this year’s event organizer.) instructed the ranks to split in two, and half retreated to the steps of Butler, while half stayed put at the sundial.

A midnight exactly, the two troops charged towards one another—pillows were flung, screams were primal. Bwog personally noticed two pairs of glasses break and heard of the destruction of at least one pillowcase.

Bwog asked one sophomore who the winner of the pillow fight was, the Butler side or the sundial side. She paused. “Neither. The system. The man.”

More portraits of cotton-y carnage below.