YouTube Your Professors (Because We Know You’ve Already Googled Them)

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The depths of procrastination have truly reached a new low: We’ve taken to Googling our professors on YouTube. An anonymous tipster points us in the direction of “Prolegomena to any Future Numa Numa,” which features philosophy professor John David Collins and one of who we believe to be the children of Collins and one of who belongs to philosophy professor Christia Mercer. It’s dancey and has nothing whatsoever to do with Kant, making it prime reading week procrastination material. 


After the jump, logic professor Achille Varzi weighs in on the 2000 re-count in Florida. It’s dated, but very enjoyable for anyone who’s ever had class with (or even just spoken to) the wonderful Varzi.

Do you know of any other professorial stars of YouTube? Email Bwog or use the comment thread to post links, and we’ll update the post.


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  1. CMlova

    I am in love with Christia Mercer.

    I may be too old for her kids and too young for her but one day I have hopes of civil partnership-ing into her family.

  2. uhhh  

    google your professor on youtube... are you sure you didn't itunes them on wikipedia?

  3. ...  

    It's Mercer's son and Collin's daughter. She told us about it in her class and then was really embarrassed when people looked it up.

    She's so great!

  4. EPOV!!  

    Anthro professor Elizabeth Povinelli is in the Bright Eyes music video, First Day of My Life!! You see her on the right side of the shot at 0:07 and at 2:24 (she's lost quite a bit of weight since...)

  5. amerstudies

    American Studies Professor Roosevelt Montas presents Professor Andy Delbanco's research for a Spanish-Literary Voices Lecture.

  6. jeff sachs  

    there are a billion with jeff sachs, but here he is with angelina jolie!

  7. haha  

    I recall it being ominously mentioned during class that this video would end up on Bwog.

  8. luis  

    Tim Wu from the law school is in quite a few videos; none this entertaining, though...

  9. tonight

    pillows. midnight etc. Bwoooooog post please.

  10. yep  

    that's mercer's kid. i looked it up during class after she mentioned it and she couldn't stop blushing... whoops. i'm gonna have to disagree though, she's a terrible professor. serves me right for thinking "philosophy and feminism" wouldn't be an indoctrination.

  11. khalidi  

    History prof and Obama friend Rashid Khalidi on Charlie Rose

  12. history of philo II  

    Oh my god I'm studying for Mercer's exam right now and that was so exactly what I needed to see...

  13. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  

    thats nice

  14. gulati:

    i dont particularly like this guy, but he's the only one i found

  15. YES  

    That is Mercer at 0:24. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

  16. well,  

    i may be studying for her exam right now, but i love her anyways.

  17. omg!  

    I LOVE CHRISTIA MERCER!!!!!!! This made my night!!!!!!!

  18. Gayatri Spivak  

    "The Trajectory of the Subaltern in My Work"

    one hour and twenty-eight minutes of pure nonhegemonic fun!

  19. orgo borgo  

    also from the annals or havemeyer

    marcos the orgo lab director trying to sell signed copies of danishefsky's synthesis of taxol on the street.

    best line: look, it's like a really complicated molecule, lots of rings, anti-aromaticity and stuff... come on, its only like 50 cents.

  20. Voila

    Not technically a Columbia professor, but might as well be:

  21. Mercer  

    is the Bruce Robbins of the Philosophy Department. Yay for social constructs!

  22. wotcha!  

    its a google video but close enough

    Helfand giving a great talk on whether there's life in the universe:

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