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Those of you who have stepped onto the subway recently might have noticed a new series of advertisements featuring famous quotes from the likes of everyone from Edith Wharton to Galileo. The sponsor of the subway’s most intellectual wallpaper? Alma Mater, naturally. 

It’s unclear what benefits the University is receiving (if any) by having its name plastered next to advertisements for law firms specializing in asbestos malpractice. Though against the backdrop of the sordid history of subway posters (remember The Tudors? The Six Degrees disasters of 2006?), Bwog’s actually quite grateful for the quote-ads.

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  1. anybody go  

    to latino graduation?

    i now have a crush on roosevelt montas

  2. ...  

    notice the the black strip at the bottom, it indicates that it's an MTA house ad (PSA). probably something related to programs like arts on transit.

  3. bwog's

    criteria for relevance are getting weaker and weaker

  4. numanu

    the tudor's posters take the cake for the best subway ads ever. especially the one near westside market at 110 outside, anyone?

  5. posters  

    They have them on buses too.

  6. mmtasty

    jonathan rhys meyers is so hot

  7. according to

    a gothamist post from a month or two ago, columbia GSAS helps choose what quotes are put on the ads.

  8. poetry

    also great are the (barnes and noble sponsored?) poems that crop up every now and again on the subways. they've been around for a while longer, but they brighten my rides.

  9. subway patron

    i would much rather look at these than another ad for DR ZIZMOR!

    • creflo a. dollar

      i agree. local businesses like dr. zizmor's groundbreaking work in dermatology and my pseudo-religious get-rich-quick-by-praying books are hurt by the presence of a behemoth like columbia in the subway advertising marked.


  10. DR ZIZMOR  

    is a true american hero

  11. MF Doom

    It’s no puzzle, you could ask Doctor Zizmor
    The slow guzzle got ‘cha nizzle crooked like Biz' jaw

  12. Veronica

    These have been around for about five years now. A grad from my high school who works at B&N started the campaign. However, after a short hiatus, they've returned for the first time with Columbia sponsorship. Maybe it has to do with B&N being our campus bookstore? not their first collaboration.

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