Eyewitness News: Thievery on 111th

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About an hour and a half ago, Bwog was journeying south on the east side of Broadway when we noticed three men sprinting west across moving traffic towards the other side of the street. People stood on the sidewalk between 111th and 112th and observed the men as the chase unfolded. “I hope they get him!” yelled one spirited citizen to no one in particular.

Bwog asked a passerby what was happening, and she informed us that one man made off with a wallet that did not belong to him. According to our passerby-informant, the wallet was taken from a pedestrian on 111th street. The first man (whom Bwog could barely make out in the distance) was the bandit, and the second two men who followed him were good (and fast) Samaritans.

Public Safety wasn’t aware of the incident when we spoke with them on the phone a few minutes ago, so not much is known about the current whereabouts of the wallet or the wallet bandit.


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  1. ...

    so any updates on that suicide you reported and then failed to follow-up on?

  2. j-grace

    God damnit, Weinberg, you can't keep doing this. You're not Batman.

  3. yea,  

    same thing happened outside artopolis a couple of weeks ago. don't leave your wallet on the table!!

  4. idiots  

    idiots, please don't leave your wallet on the table. You might be able to get away with it if you livein a small town. but this is NYC for god's sake.

  5. this is why

    we need more gentrification. And also, electrified wallets.

  6. Bwog

    On the way to work two days ago I was reading a newspaper over some woman's shoulder that said that a professor is suing columbia. anything?

  7. fooddude

    i recently ate at empanada joe's and found it to be great. The food is like gourmet fast food not the crap you get on the pushcarts (and who knows what they put in that garbage). This is a heathy unique alternative.As for price it beats a $7 coffee anyday. If you like eating that garbage in those other restaurants enjoy it borough people.

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