It’s a Kid in a Box

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Hey jobless alumni, why so glum? With your Columbia degree, the world is at your fingertips: first phone sex operating (“executive stress relief”), and now digital entrepreneurship. Bwog caught up with Kareem Shaya, former Fed editor-in-chief and inventor of famous website Send Barack Your Baby, which lately has gotten all sorts of attention from the rest of the internet, namely Gawker and CNN.

The website provides an opportunity for parents to ship their children in boxes to Illinois so that they might be kissed by a certain other Columbia grad. Except it doesn’t actually, which is why the slideshow of Obama-supporting babies features no baby-in-box pictures, to remind us it’s only a joke and that babies can’t even vote. 

One newsanchor in the CNN video also cautions us not to send an actual infant but “if you do, be sure to use bubble wrap.” At which point she suffocates a doll with bubble wrap and sticks it in a carboard box. Mazel Tov Kareem!

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  1. ZOMG


  2. YAY

    his sister is my best friend!
    i go to his house a lot!

  3. also

    i did not intend for that to be in reply to anyone.

  4. mexican gangster

    wow... only at columbia could you stupid motherfuckers breed like the incarnate devils you truly are.

    keep up the good work. im proud.

  5. wtf

    leave it a columbia alum to come up with the dumbest idea ever

  6. Anonymous

    Once Kareem brought a bag of Doritos over and it terrorized my house with flavor. Obama's ties to Islamic extremists are growing.

    I saw Tom Waits last night and he was awesome. This isn't related to anything, I'm just bragging on the internet.

    (For real though, sweet website, Kareem.)

  7. liability

    shouldnt the website have some sort of disclaimer saying not to actually ship your baby?

    this looks like the beginning of a beautiful lawsuit...

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