In a bold real estate move, the likes of which fair Morningside hasn’t seen since Pinkberry’s merciless eclipse of Tasti D-Lite, a restaurant called Empanadas Joe’s has opened a few blocks down from Havana Central and just mere stores away from Chipotle, igniting a battle of Latin-influenced Broadway establishments. The empanada retailer will be taking the place of the darkly mysterious Wrapp Factory.

Little is known about Empanada Joe’s: There’s a restaurant called Empanada Joe’s in Tulum, Mexico. And the company is apparently a registered business. Also, when Bwog was outside, a man approached us as we were taking a picture of the storefront. He suggested that we email the photo to the company, and that they would pay us for it. “If it’s good,” he added. As you can see, it is not.

A sign hanging outside announced that they were hiring (which means there are summer jobs still available!) and that today the store held a “meet and greet” for prospective employees. We assume EmJo will be open for business quite soon, at which point Chipotle and Havana Central will maybe be in for the fight of their lives, but probably not.