The Audacity of Chalk

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You might recall that awhile back a famed street artist drew Hillary Clinton’s face on the sidewalk in front of Citibank. She looked stupendous, and our artist left in his wake promises of two additional portraits to come, namely those of Barack Obama and John McCain. Well Columbia, we are thrilled to report that for Mr. Obama, that time has come.  Well, nearly — the forehead might need some shading in. But oh, he is a masterpiece and a fine addition to sidewalk in front of the Citibank.


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  1. EAL  

    Is it just me, or does it appear that Senator Obama is wearing a Mao suit? Perhaps our artist believes that he really is revolutionary, but not in a good way. Or he could be a Marxist believing that Obama is truly his messiah.

  2. obama  

    I believe in socialism. I believe that our troops will fail in Iraq. I believe in isolationism. I believe that my lack of experience will be compensated by my youth, charisma, and flowery speech. I will bring "change" to America.

    • hello  

      bumblefuck Alabama, how are we today?

      • EAL  

        Wow...intolerant Columbia liberalism at its best. I'm sure you have some false pretensions of McCain that are just as far-fetched, as so many Obama supporters do.

        • ???

          Wow...I'm sure you have no fucking idea pretensions #6 has about McCain.

        • Douchebag

          I like how absolutely no one has been intolerantly liberal and you're the only one coming up with pretensions. Thusly, I'm sure you are a Douchebag. Q.E.D...Douchebag

          • EAL

            I may be a douche (and trust me, I work hard to cultivate my douchebaggery), but I think #6 is probably more of a douchebag for writing off a good portion of the country as "bumblefuck" and then assuming that just because they disagree with him (or her?) in political preferences, then they must be inherently inferior.

            I consider myself a right-of-center independent, and while I certainly disagree with some of the extreme wings of the Republican Party, the extremes of the Democratic Party are not much better. I hate to break it you, but not all conservatives are complete and utter morons. Nor are they all gun-clinging parishioners of megachurches who believe intelligent design should be taught in schools. So kindly take the stick out of your uptight liberal ass, and try to engage civilly with people who disagree with you rather than making ad hominem attacks.

          • #6 again  

            Yeah EAL, you're clearly an open-minded conservative. When have you ever posted anything on Bwog that isn't entirely far-right.

            Actually, I have a lot of respect for Mcain, and would be okay with him being elected. But the absurd characterizations/criticisms Obama has been subject to("He is a Muslim" ; "He is a socialist (see #2)"; "He doesn't wear a flag-pin") just go to show that a good portion of this country are, in fact, illiterate morons.

      • bumblefuck Alabama  

        "bumblefuck Alabama" is doing just great. I'm actually from a battleground state. Who would of thought that a non-Obama supporter would be found on one of America's most liberal campuses?

    • change  

      from bad...to worse

  3. location  

    no, it's not in front of the citibank. it's between 110th and 109th...it's more in front of the american apparel.

  4. Alfa Nut

    With a little rain, we can simulate Hillary tears, and with a lot of rain, the face-melting scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  5. hmm

    is Obama cross-eyed...?

  6. bum

    Can you spare some change?

  7. he has  

    sort of a weird smile, no?

  8. the artist

    does any one know the name of the artists who did this?

  9. Obama's

    face consumes 80% of the picture, just as mandated by Columbia's ID card people.

  10. Hmmm

    Right with you on that apolitical. Although being from the South myself the idiots who instantly roll out the 'you're conservative, therefore stupid, therefore a backwoods Southerner, and I'm smart and cultured because I live in the biiiiiiig city' line really get on my nerves. The only thing living in New York does is make you more likely to wear oversized sunglasses and dress like an idiot.


      Yeah, and that's definitely why people in big cities are more likely to vote for the guys who don't think every single person in the country should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon...and don't believe in teaching religion in the schools as if it were a science (which certainly makes for a competitive college applicant, let me tell you)...and...I could go on and on.

  11. Hani

    Is the tits; that section of the Sistine Chapel he chalked at the corner of 113th and Bway was spectacular (and lasted about six months without being washed out by the rain or scuffed away by idiots walking over it). If Columbia had any sense they'd hire him to mural the whole campus.

  12. ...

    neva sed it ain't no way to rite it, jus sed u lewk mad stuped wen you rite it lyke dat lawlz.


    • onoez

      if itz on teh interwebz blogz it muzt be truez! i r sorriez 4 mai miztakz! plz 4give?

      You're entitled to your opinion, but in my eyes (and, I would guess, in the eyes of most people who are well-versed in English), you look stupid when you write "would of," and you look far more idiotic when you try to defend that error. For your own sake, you "could of" just passed it off as a typo -- but no, you get into an argument that you can't possibly win, and support your position with someone's wordpress page. My neighbor's retarded monkey has a wordpress page. Hell, even the references in the blog claim that you are wrong. Please, stop embarrassing yourself.

      Re 35: Just to clarify, I'm an independent, and while McCain is not exactly my dream candidate, I fully agree with you that Obama's [poor excuse for a] healthcare policy amounts to socialism. Also, I'm not the one who initially pointed out the "would of" error. I just took up the argument because I like easy-to-defend positions, and it doesn't really get any easier than having the rules of English grammar on your side.

      • DHI

        The wordpress page isn't a defense of my opinion, it's a link to a more detailed version of the argument in which both sides are argued. Also, I didn't write it in the first place, I just defended usage that I think makes sense when you're not writing an academic essay.

        I'm pretty well versed in English, son. I just don't have a big stick of English up my ass.

  13. bumblefuck alabama  

    Thanks DHI for defending my use of the English language. I find it pathetic that #18's only concern with my previous post is word usage. If you are going to criticize someone on their word usage, at least write your response in a complete sentence. In response to #23, Obama believes in universal health care by making Medicare and programs similar to that available for free to the individuals under 65. This is a type of socialism. In case you don't know what socialism is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Socialism

    Recently, physicians and hospitals have taken a reduction of 10.8% in the amount of reimbursement that they get from Medicare. It is becoming increasingly more common for physicians to refuse patients that use that government-issued insurance. The amount of government-owned health care facilities is small compared to privately-owned ones so if more and more physicians refuse patients with Medicare then there will be a horrendous wait time at government-owned facilities similar to the wait times experienced in Canada and Mexico. Private clinics have the right to refuse anyone. Emergency Rooms in hospitals are mandated by law to accept anyone.

    Feel free to criticize my Inglesh skillz. I'll make sure to run every post that I make on the Interwebz by my editor.

    • A kind of  

      socialism? Please suck my balls if you're trying to argue that the word 'socialism' hasn't been completely bastardized by the right and turned into a fear-ridden word with very tenuous connections to the actual meaning of the word.

      The fact of the matter is that by using words like 'socialized medicine', you will never be open to new ideas on healthcare - even if the best solution on healthcare involves some government involvement - because those who disagree with that method will throw in connotations of communism to scare the masses/politicians away from that idea. And if you look around you, you'll find that nations with better healthcare systems than ours are slightly more "socialized" than we are. But we steadfastly refuse to consider their methods because, well, it's "socialism" and socialism is un-American.

  14. but...

    if it's not a big stick of English, then what is it? Because it's clearly something big enough to be pushing way up into your brain.

  15. blah blah blah

    blah blah blah blah blah blah

    PS: "would of" will NEVER be correct. Holy shit, what is this world coming to?

  16. DHI

    Suck on the wood of my dick.

    • a mature

      and admirable reply. Worthy of someone who writes "would of"!
      Perhaps you should spend less time beating your "wood" and more time reading grammar books. I'd recommend "Essential English Grammar" by Philip Gucker ($5.95 on Amazon.com). Think about it, for only $6 (+s/h), you can not only begin to appreciate the differences between "am not," "are not" and "ain't" but also stop devaluing the hard-earned degrees of your fellow Columbia students! Indeed, I am sure we could even find students (such as myself) who will be more than willing to subsidize your purchase, because it really is emotionally and intellectually painful to watch a fellow student exhibiting such raging idiocy.

      • DHI

        Shit son, if I'd of known this caused you such pain, I'd of stopped arguing and just started using bad grammar.

        Well ain't nothing* stopping me now.

        * (read: "[there] is not anything")

        skeet skeet

  17. would of  

    wtfffffff no

    absolutely not.

  18. sarcasm

    not one of your fortes either? Too bad. I think I've made my point. Have a good day, pal.

  19. it's funny

    I looked at the '47 comments' on this post and I was thinking "Hmm this must be a good discussion, I'll check it out." Of course, when I clicked on the comments link, I had to curse myself for my idiocy: "This is bwog, the place where sad Columbians who don't have the authority or friendship they want in the real world cry afoul about each other for 47 posts."

    You literally sound like 2nd-graders with the occasional $5 word thrown in to compensate for not saying anything worth saying.

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