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Bwogger Sara Vogel points us in the direction of the Housing website, where there is a list of all summer dorm renovations. “We cannot guarantee projects or timing,” it warns. Anyway, we are excited!

  • Three lucky apartments in Woodbridge (right) are getting an environmentally-conscious makeover, complete with Energy Star appliances and lighting and Forest Stewardship Council-certified furniture and flooring. 
  • McBain’s getting a new elevator and it — along with the existing elevator — is going to be remodeled after the “sleek” new elevators in Hartley.
  • Oh, and remember last summer when the north side of Ruggles was renovated? Kind of? Oh good, because the south side is currently undergoing the same renovations “to replicate the same look and feel as the rest of the building.”

  • All Schapiro lounges were renovated and decked out with new furniture, carpet, paint, appliances and flat screen TVs.
  • And perhaps the grand prize winner of all this is Broadway, which is now 100% wireless. Plus the bedrooms in floors 10-13 were stripped of their carpeting and given handsome hardwood floors.
  • Wien received new lighting fixtures and a pat on the back.

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  1. misery

    all we want on our floors in wien are some damn microwaves. is that so much to ask?

    • future wiener

      microwaves on each floor would make wien better. lighting and new doors are an improvement. hookup them bathrooms as well, but that is probably asking for too much.

      oh and bwog, you need a subscription to year late news. slow slow

  2. Scott J. Wright

    Yes, it is.

    Housing & Dining Services

  3. hmm  

    maybe after the new lounges, schapiro will be livable. doubt it, but maybe

  4. EAL

    It's about time we had another all-wireless dorm! Or is Broadway the first?


    who the ffiodsifuoisuck cares?
    we´re probably not even going to get the room we want anyway.

  6. EC10

    What about EC10? It also got renovated.

  7. Anonymous

    Wow, they're really abandoning Wien.

    I feel for you poor foolks.

  8. stuck in wien


  9. wow...  

    thanks bwog for pointing out information that's been available since may.

  10. yo...  

    how does the renovated part of Ruggles look/feel?

  11. wien  

    received new doors and lights n shit last year

  12. summer people  

    would also like to make clear that the schapiro lounge renovations are far from done and broadway is not yet wireless

  13. and  

    the new mcbain elevator was on last year's list of improvements and was supposed to have been done this past jan.

  14. now?

    i posted in the comments that you should look at this back in may. thanks for paying attention bwog.

  15. 2 year wien alum  

    I lived in wien for two years, it really is not that bad. The singles are nice and big, as the same for many of the walk through doubles. The location is convenient, as Amsterdam kicks ass. They fixed the doors fixing most of the noise problem, and the sinks in the rooms are insanely convenient (and I personally don't know anyone who pissed in them despite what everyone says). If you are facing east on a higher floor you have an amazing view. There is a new computer lab and laundry room so you can't complain about those anymore. The showers look like shit but are large and have amazing water pressure.

    Really the only things that you can complain about are the lack of lounges and air conditioning.

  16. Mike  

    Not quite sure that 10-13 on Broadway are all hardwood floors. IIRC, some got new carpeting. Also, not sure if it's 100% wireless yet, but it definitely will be.

    In regards to Schapiro, I highly doubt the renovations on the lounges will be done by move-in. Some floors are looking great, but some still look like a hurricane hit them.

  17. Carbon footprint  

    I think its funny that "environmentally conscious" renovations leave the lights on 24/7 in all the rooms they are renovating.

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