Did you know that other people associated with Columbia besides the Terrible 12s have been doing things (exciting things, in fact) this summer? It’s true! Here, we’ll prove it to you:

— Columbia law professor (and subject of a 2007 Blue and White profile) Tim Wu wrote an op-ed for the New York Times about bandwidth, in which he warns of a bandwidth cartel and suggests alternate technologies with which to move information.

—  Fun fact: Terrible war criminal Radovan Karadzic (the only person to ever be indicted on genocide charges at the Hague) is a proud graduate attendee of the Columbia med school.

— Today is Sunil Gulati’s 49th birthday! Bwog has now wished Gulati a happy birthday three years in a row

— In other alum news, Eric Holder (currently of Obama’s VP vetting committee and formerly deputy attorney general under Clinton) is also a Columbia alum. And while you can’t friend him on Facebook, you can keep in touch with him via the GOP’s horrible and embarrassing “Barackbook.”

— Steve Cohen, executive director of the Earth Institute, wrote in the Observer about his hopes for the Hudson, namely that one day we will be able to all happily swim in it.

Hat tips all around to Josh Mathew, Sara Vogel, “anonymous obviously”, Kazim Panjwani.