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You know what we haven’t thought about in awhile? Mona. The bar. It closed last year after a crackdown or some such and then everyone headed to 1020 and pretty much forgot the whole thing. Anyway, Spec reported last year that it will be replaced by Pourhouse, a downtown beer and sports bar that caters to Washington Sq.-based archenemy New York University (right). 

Real estate insider Joe Meyers has learned that it should be opening up in a matter of weeks. Reports Meyers: “14 flat screen TVs, two (really big) bars, late night food, tons of beer on tap.” Rumors are also swirling of a “power hour” from 10-11 PM, during which Bud and Bud Light are $2, which is exciting!

Let’s all go there an enjoy it before the Terrible 12s use their Facebook Events and “Maryland IDs” to destroy it forever.

Exterior shot of New Pourhouse after the jump.

– Photo by Lydia DePillis

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  1. Hmmmmyeah

    Sounds interesting and worth giving a go. No one bemoans Mona because it kind of stunk and was full of skeezy old men. I realize not all of us are athletically minded, but this area could use a sports bar with more than one team playing. Since Time Out shut down it's kind of hard to find the college football games I want to watch.

  2. ...

    how funny, we just peeked in there the other night...

    but srsly, guys, NEW APPLETREE DELI!

    new great look, same old food. : / nice new salad bar though.

  3. i liked it better  

    when i mistakenly thought that it was called 'the poorhouse.'

  4. terrible 12s?

    bwog...get over yourself already!

  5. thank god

    We need some new bars. Hopefully 1020 will suck less on weekends now.

  6. woo!  

    I liked Mona but the Pourhouse is sweet.

  7. Anonymous  

    So its maryland this year, eh?

  8. ...  

    it's actually called village pourhouse. yes even the one up here...

    just like village copier.

  9. so friggin awesome

    woohoo 2012.

  10. iheartmona  

    i miss mona.

    and distrust 2012ers

  11. now

    that i am 21, I am totally in favor of id scanners. Let's keep out as many as possible. fuck 'em all.

  12. 2009

    this place sounds sweet. senior year!

  13. BWOG


  14. Hey Bwog

    What is with your disdain for the incoming freshmen? You either feel an equal amount of self-loathing or somehow forgot that we were all freshmen not too long ago ourselves.
    This blog reeks of insecurity.

  15. More importantly...

    Will it have a beirut/[*shudder*] "beer pong" table?

  16. Mike  

    I love how uppity the 12'ers get when we make the slightest joke. Obviously, you guys haven't been browsing Bwog for very long. Chill, sit back, enjoy the witty humor, and realize you're stuck with people like us for the next 4 years.

    In regards to the bar, looks pretty good, but nothing to freak out about.

    ...Maryland IDs now? Heh...

  17. wait

    is radio perfecto closing? not like i went there, but just curious.

  18. get over

    yourselves. people need to stop wanting to keep out frosh and soph and half of the young juniors. after having gone out to bars for 3 years, by the time seniors are going out they need people who are actually excited to make the bars even worthwhile. get the stick out of your ass and be happy you go to school in new york where bars even exist and we don't spend our lives playing flipcup.

  19. '09er

    still not 21.... :(

  20. sucks because  

    the pourhouse by NYU is hardass and took my friend's fake id and his columbia id (they asked for "name verification"). Just what we need!

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