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Oh look, even more library system makeover surprises: The days of flashing an ID card to get into Butler are over — well, sort of. Starting today, all students heading into the library will be required to swipe in. However, the system is already down and according to a Butler employee it’s only “sort of working.” But of course.

Graduates will have to get an “Alumni Card”, as their old IDs will no longer swipe in. This is nothing new, but now alums might, you know, actually have to do it.

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  1. ugh  

    those goddam obama supporters are the most obnoxious thing ever. i already donated to their campaign once, yet they always stand on broadway. two of them. facing both directions. so no matter which way you walk, you're doomed.

  2. this is  

    long overdue. the library security is way to lax. now if only we can kick barnard girls out of butler

  3. soooo  

    can you sign people into butler now?

    will a fake columbia id business sprout?

  4. soooooooooo

    will butler eventually have rfid turnstiles or do i have to wait for the guard to swipe my card in slow-motion every time?

  5. the guards  

    aren't swiping the ids. You tap it yourself and they nod, thereby granting you admission to the hallowed halls of knowledge.

  6. ???

    I've never once heard of someone complaining about the lax security at the library. Do you feel unsafe in the library? You are a weird person.

  7. nooo

    man this sucks...we can't go to the business school library, butler is swiping cards now, they just keep adding obstacles in our they not want us to study?

    • Can

      we please conspire to fuck those B-school tools? They would rather pay taxes than have undergrads at Uris Deli (no DD allowed), then they exclude us from their study rooms and library? What is up their asses?

      I propose we revoke their swipe access at Lerner (the center for UNDERGRAD student life). Also, if there's a university-wide pot for Alumni donations across schools, threaten to have them excluded (assuming their alums are less giving than the average school's donor).

      • SEAS '10

        I said this in the last entry, but I think it's worth repeating. Where does it ever say that Lerner is just for undergrads? Take your ignorant and misguided anger elsewhere before you make an even bigger fool out of yourself.

  8. hold up  

    why are you all acting like we aren't allowed in the business school's library? we still have access to the library and borrowing privileges. we don't have the ability to use their rooms along the library's outer wall which are always in high demand. i think that's fair really

  9. alumn

    is this going to keep alumns out of butler once the stacks close? (asking again).

    this has been policy, i suppose, but never before enforced. it's going to suck if the alumni reading cards don't work afterhours.

  10. columbia

    can we please finally keep the loud barnard bitches out???

  11. yes

    barnard girls need to keep out of butler!!!! it is not fair...where are the columbia undergraduate students supposed to study? all we do is share share share and everyone just takes takes takes

    • CC Alum '08

      Barnard girls aren't the ones causing space problems in butler. The space problems come from CC, SEAS, GS and Barnard students who camp out in seats and take up space even when they aren't there. If there was a concerted change in the community where everyone actually picked up their shit when they left the library instead of leaving them there for 4, 6, or 8 hrs while doing something else you'd be surprised how much space would be opened up. Columbia has plenty of library space. Your energy would be better spent lobbying the administration to make places like avery open 24hrs, or opening up more rooms in lerner during finals instead of belittling your peers.

  12. cc'10  

    you can use their library too. we all need to stop hating and chill the fuck out. i am in the library almost every evening of the school year and there are never a lot of people there. obviously it will be crowded during finals when all you assholes decide that you want to study in the library.

  13. You Are All Stupid

    There are placed besides Butler to study. Almost every academic building has its own library. Almost every dorm has a larger lounge, in addition to the ones on most floors. There are empty, unlocked classrooms in most buildings, many of which are open 24/7. If all else fails, study in your fucking room. If you can't study without being distracted by your computer, roommate, etc. then that's your problem, not those Barnard bitches'.

  14. just graduated

    When I was a student, I somehow got swipe access to virtually every academic building (and never asked; maybe everyone has it), and would study all night in empty seminar rooms across the campus to avoid Butler.

    I'm shocked that more people don't do this (unless my posting is going to screw it up for everyone else).

  15. sigh...

    Even after trying to beat the living heck out of this dead horse, I still see problems.

    Ok, here we go:
    1. B-school students have first priority for Watson Library's conf. rooms. Since it's IN Uris, the school has the right to do this.
    2. For all available study spaces all over campus:
    3. This swiping/scanning process will be like dorms. A security guard will be stationed to see your face, so there won't be a line down the street.

    Let's just hope this works well...


  16. but i've tried

    the only time i was allowed to study in the seminar rooms in hamilton was during finals and even then the rooms were occupied...barnard girls need to get out of butler...yes, I have access to their library but why would I go all the way across campus when I'm attending Columbia, not Barnard - I should probably ask them the same question...

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