Orientation Concert Not Happening

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It’s time for our exciting first look at NSOP 2008! Seems as if this year’s festivities will not include the traditional Orientation Concert on the Steps. You’ll recall that last year Clipse performed with the World Famous Vampire Weekend

A Columbia Concerts insider explained that it’s “not entirely clear” why there’s no concert, only that “we’re trying to put all of our eggs into the Bacchanal Concert basket, I guess.” He also promises that the Spring Concert will be huge.

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  1. What I Heard  

    SDA has been cutting budgets all over the place; I don't think NSOP could afford a concert during orientation this year.

  2. uhh

    NSOP doesn't pay for or deal with the concert. Columbia Concerts deals with concerts, NSOP only places it in their books.

  3. Disgruntled OL

    NSOP is going to be terrible this year. Already saw that their "New York" event was the same thing they did last year. So lame!

  4. ...

    I think pulling the money together for a BIG spring concert is a good idea. Though that's assuming they actually do a good job in the spring and get a cool act...... this last spring suuuucked

  5. alumnus  

    *remembering wyclef and kanye...

  6. Disgruntled Human  

    It's NOT the same as last year, jackass.


    BWOG COMMENTER SLANDERS WOMEN UNDER VEIL OF ANONYMITY FILM AT ELEVEN other news, NSOP still sucks, helium lifts balloon...

  8. ...

    I think pulling the money together for a BIG spring concert is a good idea. We could get The Fray!

  9. CC '45

    *siiiiigh* I remember when Bela Bartok came to play at MY orientation concert. Columbia Concerts has really gone down the shitter since then.

    • CC '1816

      Good Sir,

      I remember when the Committee for the Musical Enjoyment at the Orientational Ball chartered a ship and brought Beethoven to our Orientational Ceremonies at College Hall.

      I find myself rolling over in my grave ever year when I hear of new acts!

      Good Day, sire, I say, GOOD DAY!

  10. wondering  

    bwog, what's being filmed outside right now? lots of trailers on broadway, and cameras around earl hall.

  11. jennycansuckit  

    i phoned that one in to bwog last week and no one even cared. what is this godforsaken place coming to?

  12. ...

    pray tell, how did last year suck if both grizzly bear and the national are two of the biggest live acts in the country right now?

  13. yea well

    we just need beyonce and jay-z

  14. ...

    wbar puts on really good shows, and lots of those bands become huge. they're just promoted really poorly.

  15. clearly  

    any one of any gender or sexual orientation can rape or be raped. don't be ignorant

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