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After several application deadline postponements, our dead-tree friends at the Spec have finally chosen their new set of opinion columnists. Some old Bwog favorites have returned, some fresh faces have been added, and it’s not known who gets the Friday death slots.

  • Anthony Kelley, CC ’09, who wrote what IvyGate called “The Batshittiest Spectator Column You Will Ever Read.”
  • Jonathan Hollander, CC ’10, whose most recent Spec piece called out Kelley.
  • Adil Ahmed, CC ’09, CCSC VP for Policy and former MSA president.
  • Andrew Lyubarsky, CC ’09, one of the hunger strike negotiators, whom Bwog interviewed in Novermber.
  • Lauren Salz, BC ’11, CUGOP President Executive Director and CPU Communications Coordinator.
  • Kate Redburn, CC ’10, and Sarah Leonard, CC ’10, former Dems board members writing a joint column.
  • Marissa Mazek, BC ’10, one of the organizers of “Love Your Body Week.”
  • Jonathon Grant, GS ’08, actor and dancer.
  • Catherine Madeo, GS ’10, a yoga instructor (and the oldest columnist at 33).
  • Becky Davies, CC ’10, leader of the Columbia University Food Sustainability Project. 
  • Dan Blank, CC ’09, who directed KCST’s King Lear, and who hasn’t written for the Spec since Saddam was executed.
  • Alexios Shaw, CC ’09, former Managing Editor of The Birch, and water-polo enthusiast.  

UPDATE 9:27 PM: Ask for a schedule, and ye shall receive. All mysteries will be solved after the jump.

Week 1

M Becky Davies

M Dan Blank

T  Sarah Leonard and Kate Redburn

W Jon Hollander

Th Catherine Madeo

F  Alexi Shaw

Week 2

M Marissa Mazek

M Adil Ahmed

T Anthony Kelley

W Lauren Salz

Th Andrew Lyubarsky

F Jon Grant

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  1. alum

    Yay Lauren Salz!

    Actually she is the CUGOP Executive Director (VP). Joe Charalel is the President.

  2. Lauren Salz

    The spawn of Chris Kulawik? Or will there be a legitimate discourse between the Right and Left this semester without any sensationalist speakers?

    • well

      hopefully there will be legitimate discourse generally and not sensationalists camping on the lawns.

      what i want to know is why anthony kelley and his crazyness is back on spec

    • really

      after all of last year you're going to complain about kulawik from the previous op ed writers?

      maybe you should just get back to hunger striking already.

      • Up yours

        I was in the counter-Hunger Strike protest. I am just dismayed that Kulawik tarnished the right. There are far more intelligent right-wing speakers he could have brought to campus than Jim Gilchrist, John Ashcroft, John Bolton & the LionPac guy.

        • then

          you'll love who the cugop has lined up next.

        • no..then

          you're a divisive partisan who doesn't actually care about the reputation of the 'right' as opposed to what you think they should represent

          regardless of how much i agree with them John Ashcroft was the former Attorney General of the US, John Bolton was the former US ambassador to the UN and Jim Gilchrist was the head of one of the biggest and most prominent citizen watchdog groups in the highly debated area of immigration...'intelligence' is obviously something that only you have access to in your own myopic and ridiculous view of the world--kulawik didn't tarnish (he's a meaningless snot nosed college kid) the reputation of the right except in your demented mind

  3. you're missing one

    you're missing a columnist

  4. this list

    is not completely accurate...

  5. anonymous

    no more jelani johnson sportswriting?

  6. ...

    looking at that linked John Hollander column, i think he was a good choice

  7. Yes!  

    Kate and Sarah together? That's almost too much awesome-ness to handle! Love them!

  8. Hollander

    is awesome. We need more of that kind of discourse.

  9. the poster

    More embarrassing than the worst-writing-ever Spec is the much better Blue and White being so utterly obsessed with it. What is wrong with your staff? Relax about the Spec already.

  10. Hollander

    is a conservative freak

  11. Yay!

    Yay! Good writing comes back to the Spec - Sarah had a few really good op-ed's in Spec already and Kate is just really wonderful - I can't wait to see this column.

  12. puro lover


  13. CML

    Krule wouldn't know good writing if someone hit her over the head with a copy of 'Ulysses.'

  14. hey bwog,

    do you know what days each of their columns will appear?

  15. ...

    did anyone from seas bother to apply?

    can anyone from seas even write?

  16. haha cml is bitter

    Haha I bet CML is just bitter because he didn't get a column (does anyone know if he applied?) Didn't he work for Spec and the get kicked off or something?

  17. CML

    To clarify: I quit of my own volition - as you can see by who the editor is, Spec Opinion isn't really in the position to kick any of its staff. And yes, I did apply and I am bitter, I am bemused, and I am still right.

  18. CML

    Hahah, I've never read it.

    But do you think if I whine and play the martyr any more, I might weasel my way into a column? Worked for Kelley, after all.

    • EAL  

      Overall great columnists, but why the hell is Anthony Kelley still allowed to write for Spec? Are the editors of the opinion section that brain-dead that they recognize Kelley to be stimulating intellectual discourse?

    • obvious

      clearly, spec is keeping Kelley because his "batshit insane" pieces get attention (and ad clicks) from ivygate and the like. servers cost money and shit you know.

      i'm just waiting for another spec piece to top "the dalai lama gave mad dudes AIDS" one.

  19. hmm  

    what's wrong with fridays?

  20. ...

    i think everyone loves alexi. if his writing is any bit as amusing as his speech, it'll be a good column.

  21. ......

    Hollander is a rational conservative...

    His article against Kelley was an intellectual smackdown... I loved the final reference to Obama

    I foresee some sparring this year between Kelley and Hollander... Bwog, you should encourage it!

  22. how  

    the fuck is anthony kelley writing a another spec column? they were abominable

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