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Someone left their shoes by the newspaper thing in Lerner on Monday. The authorities describe the person as “having his/her feet on the wrong feet.”

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Did you know that times are tough for journalists? Fear not, though, for, as The New York Times reported yesterday, the Journalism School has issued a rallying cry to save struggling newspapers across the country.   In the J-School commissioned report, “The Reconstruction of American Journalism,” Leonard Downie Jr., former executive editor of the Washington Post […]

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The weekly CCSC meeting began with a rousing singing of Happy Birthday for the members with February birthdays, and the distribution of free M2M coconut wafers. In a textbook case of crossed wires, a birthday cake appeared five minutes later (with trick candles! Teehee!), and a second round of Happy Birthday singing ensued… On the […]

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According to an article by everyone’s favorite authority on colleges, US News and World Report, Columbia was nipped ever so slightly by Harvard this year for the top honor of being the university whose name appears most in global print and electronic media.  Hey, at least we trounced the rest of the Ivies, as Yale, […]

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It’s time today to say goodbye to the New York Sun, which has been a diligent and dedicated chronicler of the life and times of Columbia and its faculty. Come, let’s relive the memories. Way back in 2006, the Sun dutifully reported on the Joseph Massad and Nadia Ab El-Haj Tenure Battles. And then the […]

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Freshmen are probably noticing that NSOP slows down the pace of events quite a bit as it moves into the weekend. Bwog thought it would slow things down as well and bring you a round-up of Columbians in the news. We know it’s not all national or internation news, but not all of us can be presidential […]

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After several application deadline postponements, our dead-tree friends at the Spec have finally chosen their new set of opinion columnists. Some old Bwog favorites have returned, some fresh faces have been added, and it’s not known who gets the Friday death slots. Anthony Kelley, CC ’09, who wrote what IvyGate called “The Batshittiest Spectator Column […]

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As I was without an Internet connection for the past week, I ended up watching a lot of television news. And while hearing about Barack Obama’s every move and every analyst’s baseless prediction of the day is fun for… well, really not all that long, here are some movies about the news are much more […]

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The New York Times is reporting that the J-School received a 5 million-dollar gift today from one Mr. Leonard Tow, a Columbia grad whom the Times identifies as “a former chief executive of Citizens Communications, and Century Communications” as well as a philanthropist — and how! Tow is hoping that his $5 million will aid […]

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