CU: Remix – The Recap

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Bwog enlisted yet another freshman corresponder, Aseel Najib, to summarize this year’s incarnation of the NSOP-sponsored scavenger hunt, CU: Remix. 

Before the Remix could start, Columbia continued its schedule of live PSAs.  Entitled “Community Forum”, this one aimed at bringing together students of various ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations, and highlighted the importance of social activism and diversity on campus. Skepticism ran high as incredulous students shuffled out of the auditorium, raising their eyebrows and plugging in their iPods.

Unlike previous versions that stayed on campus, CU: Remix’s scavenger hunt took place all over Morningside Heights. At the start, freshmen reluctantly crowded Low Steps and College Walk, searching for their teammates, as orientation leaders took to yelling out the names of their groups in Bazaar-like fashion.

Eventually, team members were located, groups were formed, and t-shirts distributed. Some freshmen, already too cool for group t-shirts, called it a night and headed back to their dorms, disposing of the shirts along the way. More spirited student tied their t-shirts around their heads and excitedly drew up game plans. Most, however, simply fell into the ambivalent majority, shrugging their shoulders with calculated reserve and dejectedly drawing the shirts over their heads.

With the blow of a whistle, the games began, and soon, frantic freshmen were seen climbing the Alma Mater, skipping down the Low Steps and accosting oblivious upperclassmen for clues. Shouts of “I got it!” rang throughout campus. Off-campus, they were spotted racing up and down Amsterdam, crowding into neighborhood restaurants and overwhelming storeowners.

Meanwhile, other freshmen participated in NSOP-directed games and contests. Some played baseball, others participated in clothing-related relay races, and a few even painted themselves white and blue to demonstrate their extraordinary team spirit.

By the time the event ended, discordant singing of the Backstreet Boys “I Want it That Way” filled the air. Freshmen trudged back to the Low Steps bruised, battered and barefoot.  While most would probably acknowledge that they had lost at the scavenger hunt, they would be horrified to realize that they had also lost their calculated reserve and practiced cynicism. And yes, even a few shoes.

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  1. participant  

    it was awful. utterly pointless.

  2. Student

    I love it. She has great style.

  3. Anna

    She has a point there. Freshmen already walk around like they own campus, and are ready to graduate.

  4. Paul

    Yeah. I was a timid as hell freshman.

    Damn 12s.

  5. Friday...  

    They'll learn their place soon enough

  6. Friday the 13th  

    The chick's observant. I'll give her that.
    And oh yeah. Freshman, yall better watch out.

  7. ...

    cover story of amny today has columbia everywhere in it.

  8. TomCat  

    The writing's not bad; it's pretty good, actually, for a 12.

  9. haha

    the freshman need to learn about the track button, student, anna, and paul all seem to be the same people as are Fri 13th and TomCat.

  10. Although

    You never know if it was coincidentally different people using the same computer in a lab? Also, certain wireless routers re-use addresses, so a simpler tracking system would think different computers are the same.

    Then again, it could just be some tool; probably a freshman since it's from on-campus.

  11. a_freshman  

    The event was much more fun than I expected once it got underway. The author did a great job relaying the feelings our group had; most of us actually had lost our cynicism by night's end.

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