1. stupid  

    that guy was out there for attention. who seriously is rushing out of the building so fast during a fire alarm that they don't have time to throw on some clothes? what an attention whore.

  2. who  

    leaves at all during a fire alarm?

  3. SEAS '09 (Male)  

    I'd do him.

  4. CC '09 (Female)  

    I'm in love.

  5. todd p

    sorry that the schapiro show didn't get off the ground tonight. we'll give it another go next week, likely on friday.

    any bands on campus want to play? vivian girls and high places are already booked!

  6. albert  

    is a fiiiiine male specimen

  7. poor...  

    ...Albert. the perfect quiet next door neighbor.

  8. obno bc advocate

    it's barnard college, not university. next time you make a tired joke, try your best to do it right.

  9. agree  

    Everyone has time to throw on clothes before leaving for a fire alarm. Tasteless.

  10. Quick Question

    Anyone know the rules (ie laws) on posting recognizable pictures of people on the internet?

    Are you allowed to do so without their permission as long as you don't sell it for profit?

  11. anon

    Eh, leave the guy alone. He is cute, has a nice body and wanted to show off. He's in college. Let him have some fun.

  12. name

    For the most part, if it was taken in a public place it's fair game for any purpose.

  13. Who pulls  

    an alarm while we're not in school? (not to say that the people who do it when classes are in session aren't asswholes but at least I assume it's cause they're stressed or something)

    or was there an actual fire?

  14. maybe  

    this albert character pulled the fire alarm himself so he could have an excuse to be outside in a towel.


  15. anon

    you guys are so obnoxious. omg what a tool, what an attention whore, shut the fuck up!!

  16. anon2  

    Oops that was meant as a reply to "BU '09 (Fe-male)"

    i failed the human verification test the first time...

    that'll teach me to call someone else a retard...

  17. why isn't

    anyone talking about Israel-Palestine!

  18. lol  

    a douche on floor 8 set it off making popcorn. all the floor lounges were locked until today though (except 14), so that means somebody has a microwave in their room on floor 8

    GET TO IT, RAs!!!

  19. lionroar

    pity he didn't take the towel off.

  20. Former floormate.  

    Haha, go Albert!

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