1. SEAS '09

    So... I never filled out the form, but now after I sign in with my username and password at the gate, it tells me I've already been registered for the lottery. I've never once seen a form to fill out. What does this mean?!

  2. ?!!  

    there is no form, it goes by uni, hence when you've logged in, you're automatically registered.

  3. hello  

    i keep getting: warning:missing argument 1 for registererror

    what does that mean?

  4. SEAS '09

    Yay! There were n people registered before me! Now there are n+1! Slimmer odds for everyone!*

    * - assuming a uniform distribution over the discrete set of students registered. I HOPE THIS ASSUMPTION HOLDS. Or at least fails to my favor.**

    ** - I'm joking. But, seriously, this is how we all think about cheating. I think. Most of us.

  5. obamacain?  

    i prefer 'McBama'

  6. noone  

    so when do we find out if we got a ticket?

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