Christy and Chelsea and Columbia

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Did you know that this very University is the chosen educational institution of many famous people besides Vampire Weekend? It’s true!

The New York Daily News and one Perez Hilton-reading commenter (who is probably glad commenting is anonymous) are reporting that ex-model Christy Turlington is enrolled at Columbia to study maternal and child health. 

Plus, Stanford alum Chelsea Clinton is receiving a master’s in public health policy.

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  1. Oh my God.  

    That's Hillary Clinton?

  2. typo  

    Stanford, not Standford

  3. fsd

    When do the lottery results get announced?

  4. big fan  

    is wrong with perezhilton?

  5. let's not forget

    James Franco.

  6. umm  

    is it a masters in public health, or a masters in public policy?? those are two different degrees...

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